Yacht Works & Starboard Yacht Become Affiliates

starboardandyachtworksYacht Works would like to formally introduce our new service affiliate, Starboard Yacht Group. In conjunction with Yacht Works, Starboard Yacht Group will be handling all of your yachting and boating needs. Starboard Yacht Group’s, Starboard Yacht Care “Monthly Preventative Maintenance Program” can answer all your yachting needs. Whether you are requesting simple detail work, involved engine repair and maintenance, or storage and yacht management, this partnership will allow you to solve any problem with one phone call.

Cranchi is a premier luxury yachting brand and Yacht Works takes great pride in representing this product. We are committed to service excellence and greatly value our relationship with you. This partnership with Starboard Yacht Group will strengthen our ability to meet all of your yachting and boating needs in the most timely fashion.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback as to how we could better service your needs.

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