Seakeeper Stabilization Keeps Your Party Going!

Seakeeper Stabilization Keeps Your Party Going!

July 29, 2019

Nothing will stop a yacht party quicker than rough seas. While Florida is known for fun and relaxation, it does not take full-on inclement weather to make boat stabilization an advantage on yachts. Rough conditions spill drinks, jostle people and, for some, leave them running for the head. Here is how investing in yacht stabilization in Fort Lauderdale, FL will make your boat parties more pleasant:

  • Significant roll reduction: The best thing about a Seakeeper is that it works! Seakeepers adjust performance based on sea conditions. Other stabilizers rely on passive control rather than adjusting to actual conditions. The result is that roll reduces by up to 95 percent. It works in all sea conditions when yachts are at rest or underway. Whether it is a light wind or a storm, you will experience a less violent ride no matter what is going on outside your yacht. You can have a comfortable cruise even in inclement weather.
  • Works for crew and passengers: Stabilization systems before Seakeeper only benefited the captain and crew. Seakeeper supports comfort for everyone on board the yacht. That is why you can throw a party in any weather and never worry about rough seas spilling drinks or leaving your guests seasick. Everyone can walk around the cabin or deck without worry that a sudden wave will throw them off their feet. This is a device with everyone’s comfort in mind.
  • Self-contained: The Seakeeper is not going to interfere with your deck space or views. It is entirely self-contained and can be installed anywhere on your yacht. If it is located underwater, it will not produce drag or risk impacts or snags. Being sealed, it allows the flywheel to spin three times faster while protecting critical components from damage. Basically, it solves roll problems without creating new issues on its own. Your new advantage as you cruise will not result in additional repair bills or irritating challenges while you are out at sea.
  • Better efficiency: No matter where we install the Seakeeper, it will not affect your yacht’s performance. The newest model, the Seakeeper 2, runs on a 12-volt DC power connection and does not require generators or AC inputs, which cuts power requirements by half. The unit is 25 percent lighter and 20 percent smaller than previous models. Even if you decide to install it on the deck, it remains self-contained and barely noticeable. Your yacht will perform well while offering a smoother ride.
  • Suitable for most yachts: Seakeeper has developed new models that work optimally for boats ranging from 27 to 32 feet. However, the company is working on models for smaller boats, and yet can still accommodate yachts over 75 feet. There are no limitations on the make and model of yachts that can benefit from this technology. Most boats can be refitted with a Seakeeper. The company has already completed 1,000 refits to date.

Starboard Yacht Group, LLC is an official dealer of Seakeeper stabilization systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Visit us today to ensure smoother sailing this summer!

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