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Jake Stratmann

Jake Stratmann, owner and founder of the Starboard Yacht Group, draws from his background working in boat yards, marine diesel shops and yacht manufacturing as a Marine Technician and mechanic coupled with his education in order to provide his clients with thorough, professional yacht care. His expertise in all functional aspects of the yacht industry is what distinguishes Starboard Yacht Group from its competitors.

jake-stratmannJake’s service model is founded on the idea that excellent service comes from a company having what you need when you need it which is simplified by having the right information, the right parts, the right tools and person to get the job done. In order to provide truly useful service, it is important to understand how all of the components of a yacht come together to make up the whole. This is the kind of close attention to detail you only get from a knowledgeable, educated yacht maintenance staff.

Many other yacht maintenance businesses are content to treat mechanical symptoms as they arise, either because they fail to identify the true underlying cause of the problem, or because the repeat business makes it lucrative for them not to cure it. At Starboard Yacht Group, Jake makes sure that every vessel he services is kept in peak operating condition at all times.

When people hire Starboard Yacht Group, they can expect to receive a higher level of service than that of our competitors. Through Jake’s business and customer service models, and the expertise of our highly educated staff, Starboard Yacht Group is a trusted provider of all yacht maintenance services.

our crew
The Starboard Team

Every member of the Starboard Yacht Group staff is a trained professional in yacht maintenance. The Starboard Team goes above and beyond the standards set by their competitors by seeking higher individual qualifications, providing detailed in-house training for all staff and adhering to a strict ethical code of conduct for all employees. The end result is more efficient service, happier customers and safer, better-maintained boats.

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