Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starboard Yacht Group?

With decades of combined experience, Starboard Yacht Group is an innovative leader in yacht refits and repairs as well as maintenance.

Our mission is to transform boating experiences to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, and we accomplish it in exceptional time. Starboard employs a sea of experts to master every facet of every vessel so that we can quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively turn your boat into your dream boat.

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What sets Starboard Yacht Group apart?

With the highest standards for expertise, ethics, and experiences, we recognize that every installation is a part of a larger transformation and we take every aspect of your vessel into account with every change we make. Starboard experts harness all-encompassing yachting knowledge and creative problem solving techniques to look beyond the instruction manual.

We believe that every service, vessel, and experience has the capacity to be made even more extraordinary than before, and we continually strive to do just that. For every transformation we make, we value your time, respect your budget, and emphasize the quality of your experience above all else.

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Where is Starboard Yacht Located?

Starboard is located in the boating capital of the world, Fort Lauderdale, Florida! We service vessels at both the LMC Lauderdale Marine Center and the Harbour Towne Marina to enable you to easily reach us no matter the size of your vessel or where you are located!

Which Services does Starboard Yacht Group offer?

Starboard Yacht Group upgrades boats with the most innovative and advanced stabilizers and marine electronics to date, and Starboard not only upgrades vessels with revolutionary boat refits, but also upkeeps them with our expert boat management services.

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Which boat management services does Starboard Yacht Group include?

Starboard Yacht Group offers a wide range of management, maintenance, and repair services, including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, antifouling coating, air conditioning, refrigeration, fiberglass, gelcoat, and paint services.

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Which stabilizers can Starboard Yacht Group support?

Starboard Yacht Group is a certified dealer and installer of all Seakeeper and Humphree stabilizers, which means that whether your vessel requires a gyro, fin, interceptor, or all of the above, Starboard will provide you with the stability you need to safely enjoy the sea.

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Which Marine Electronics can Starboard Yacht group upgrade my boat with?

Starboard Yacht Group partners with the world’s leading brands to upgrade your boat with a wide range of marine electronics, and change the way you take to the sea. Our innovative electronics include the most advanced navigation, automation, control, and entertainment products to date.

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Can Starboard service my boat?

Yes! Without knowing which boat you own, we can say with near certainty that our experts are equipped to service it! Over decades of combined experience, we’ve transformed medium to large yachts from all different brands, including Viking, Intrepid, Ferretti, and many more.

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Which Starboard service does my boat need?

Are you looking to repair or maintain your vessel or are you looking to transform it? Most boaters won’t boat without a stabilizer, and every vessel requires maintenance, but which service you need ultimately depends on you. Connect with Starboard’s experts to determine which service or upgrade your vessel needs to make your experience extraordinary.

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What is a Seakeeper?

As the first practical gyro stabilizer or a computer-controlled gyroscope, Seakeeper eliminates up to 95% of boat roll, providing zero speed stabilization, with no external appendages, and low power draw.

Seakeepers also use smart technology to adapt automatically to changing sea conditions.

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What are Humphree Interceptors?

Humphree’s customizable Interceptors minimize roll and pitch movements no matter how fast you go. Beyond stability, these compact Interceptors empower you to improve your speed, acceleration and visibility using minimal fuel and power. For high speed rides, Humphree interceptors are your stabilizer.

Smart technology in the form of automatic systems allow Humphree interceptors to optimize your control and visibility as well as your vessel’s performance.

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What are Humphree Fins?

When you’re at full speed, everyone on board comfortably enjoys the stability of Humphree’s customizable Fins, and while at anchor, no other stabilizer compares.

These lightweight fins minimize yaw as well as roll movements, and beyond stability, they enhance your speed, boat performance, and overall experience using minimal fuel and power.

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