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Not Letting a Dream Become a Nightmare

April 14, 2013

Few things can be as rewarding as owning a yacht. Whether it’s enjoying the open sea or touring popular yachting destinations, nothing says you have arrived quite like buying a yacht. With more registered boats in Florida than any other state, and Fort Lauderdale claiming the title as yacht capital... View Article

The Benefits of Buying Used Yachts in Fort Lauderdale

April 4, 2013

Prospective yacht buyers in Fort Lauderdale always face the same dilemma—should you buy a new or used yacht? Clearly buying a new yacht has its advantages, but in this economy buying used can both save money and result in a more personalized product. Yachts, or any boat for that matter,... View Article

Own Your Yacht: Don’t Let It Own You

March 27, 2013

Yachts are like any other mechanical device—they age, break at the worst times, and given their initial cost, can end up being a burden instead of a joy. If you know more about what typically goes wrong with a yacht, and ways to prevent these things, then you can own... View Article

Reasons to Invest in Yacht Detailing in Fort Lauderdale, FL

February 27, 2013

Does your yacht still sparkle with the same brilliance that it did the day you bought it? How about the upholstery: is it void of stains and other imperfections that can be displeasing to the eye? Chances are, if you’ve owned your yacht for a few years, these things have... View Article

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