Yacht Management

Starboard Yacht Group is a dedicated group of individuals with clearly defined goals and responsibilities, working towards a common goal to deliver and exceed our customers’ expectations. We have a proven and simplistic approach in which to keep our customers current on all aspects of the condition and function of systems onboard their vessels and our work in process through real time digital imagery and innovative software.
yacht maintenance

Monthly Maintenance Plans

We have a number of different yacht service plans to help manage and maintain your yacht year-round. Whether you’re a private owner, captain or corporate customer, you’ll receive the highest quality products and services. Choose from basic plans, to more in-depth coverage options to satisfy your individual needs when it comes to the status of your boat.

Project Management

Crafting a yacht that reflects your tastes, needs and style is something we’re highly proficient in. We’ll assign you a project manager to walk you through each step with fluidity, in order to make sure you have a crystal clear understanding of everything that’s happening with your newest investment. Count on our expert team to make your dreams into a reality and watch your yacht take shape right before your eyes.

Yacht Management

The duty of any good yacht management company is to understand the needs of a boat owner and the vessel itself. By listening to the concerns of the owner and addressing specific issues regarding the boat leads to a cohesiveness that we’ve mastered. Trust in Starboard Yacht Group to help you make the right decisions regarding our scope of service and your vessel.

Custodial Services

Starboard Yacht Group offers complete custodial services for all yachts and boats including recovery and maintenance. Our team is qualified and can anchor or hold port for any type of vessel during arrest and seizure.

Parts Management

A perfect part for every job can easily be found at Starboard Yacht Group. Whatever brand you need, for whatever system needs it; you’ll find that our team has an expert knowledge regarding parts and installation. We know that not everyone understands the inner workings of their vessel, which is why we’re knowledgeable in every aspect to provide you with an easy answer to your complex part problem.

Insurance Claims

When you invest a large sum of money, you want to be sure that that investment is protected against the unforeseen. When it comes to yacht insurance, we’ll handle your claims in a quick, professional manner in order to save you the frustration of losing money on your yacht. Remember, we’re focused on adding value to your investment.

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