Marine Detailing Fort Lauderdale

detailed yachtSometimes, all it takes to get your boat back to pristine condition is a thorough detailing job. At Starboard Yacht Group, we’ll have your boat looking like new in no time. With our custom detailing services, we bring every surface of your yacht back to life.

We provide full-service yacht detailing, including:

  • Cleaning for Interiors and Exteriors
    We will go over every square inch of your boat’s surface, scrubbing off debris and deposits left behind by seawater to bring the factory shine back to fiberglass, wood paneling, plastics and canvas.
  • Lower-deck Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
    A mixture of moisture, salt and minerals from seawater can leave the carpeting and upholstery on your boat’s interior looking dingy and worn. Buildup of salt and other mineral deposits can cause unsightly stains, weaken the fibers of your indoor upholstery, and cause the fabric to crack and wear prematurely. Our steam cleaning can help prevent damage before it becomes an issue and restore your cabin area to a factory fresh appearance.
  • Surface Treatments
    Our detailing services extend to include the prevention of future damage, as well. We offer compound buffing, polishing and waxing services to help your boat maintain its shine for longer, and make it more resistant to corrosion from seawater.
  • Canvas Waterproofing
    Waterproofing the canvas on your boat is a matter of routine maintenance. As old waterproofing treatments wear away, it is important to occasionally have your canvas waterproofed. This can prevent mold and discoloration, and keep moisture out of your boat where it can do even further damage. Replacing the canvas on your boat is expensive, but can be avoided by keeping your canvas surfaces waterproofed.
  • Touchup Painting and Stripe Repair
    If your boat has rubbed up against something, chances are it left an unsightly streak on the paint. We can touch up your paint job to repair chips, rub marks, discoloration or streaking. If your boat has custom pin striping, we can easily touch that up too. At Starboard Yacht Group, we can match any color of paint and finish, so nobody will even be able to tell there was ever any problem.

We understand that appearances are everything when it comes to yachts. That’s why our custom detailing services leave no crack or crevasse unattended to. We provide meticulous detailing services that will restore your yacht to pristine condition.

To get started bringing your boat to its full beauty, call us today at: (954) 376-5400.

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