Haul Outs and Dry Dock Services in Fort Lauderdale

detailed yachtMany of the crucial services required to keep your yacht in prime working order must be undertaken out of water. These “dry dock” services are virtually impossible for boat owners to undertake by themselves, which is why Starboard Yacht Group LLC is proud to offer an all-encompassing approach to haul outs and dry dock services in Fort Lauderdale. Our team is equipped to safely and carefully remove your yacht from the water and secure it at our facilities, where our experienced service team will work tirelessly to have your vessel back in perfect working order. Some of our dry dock services include:

  • Complete fiberglass and gel coat repairs:
    Ocean waters are known for taking a heavy toll on the fiberglass exterior of your boat. In order to combat salt erosion, water damage and sun damage, our crew will dry dock your vessel to repair any fiberglass issues, while also giving it a brand new gel coat to ensure optimal protection for future outings on the water.
  • Bottom stripping, peeling and painting:
    As the hull and keel of your yacht are constantly submerged, these areas are the most prone to wear and tear, as well as paint degradation. The Starboard Yacht crew has decades of experience when dealing with bottom stripping, peeling and painting jobs, ensuring that you’re in great hands when it comes to these crucial dry dock services.
  • Blister repairs:
    The old saying goes, “don’t buy a boat with the pox, it will delaminate!” If your boat has blistering—be in in the gel coating or deeper in the paint—Starboard Yacht Group LLC is ready to cure your vessel! We’re able to strategically eliminate your blistering, saving your vessel from certain damage and cosmetic imperfections.
  • Engine repair and maintenance:
    When you encounter engine troubles, it’s almost certainly going to require a haul out in Fort Lauderdale to ensure that the problem is addressed expertly and thoroughly. The trained professionals at Starboard Yacht Group LLC will ensure that your engine troubles—be they electrical or mechanical in nature—are resolved the right way, the first time.
  • Electrical and plumbing:
    Your yacht is hardly a properly working vessel if your electrical and plumbing aren’t fully functioning! As part of our comprehensive dry dock services, Starboard Yacht Group LLC will diagnostically test your electrical systems and observe your plumbing to ensure that any issues you’re experiencing are properly pinpointed and resolved immediately. Our staff is trained to a superior degree in working with these all-important subsystems and we’re confident in our ability to ensure a sustainable solution to any electrical or plumbing problems.
  • Fiberglass and upholstery:
    As much as it is mechanical in nature, the functionality of your yacht is equally as cosmetic—meaning proper care of its fiberglass and upholstery are essential. Our ability to repair and install fiberglass—be it custom or manufacturer stock—gives us the edge in superior yacht maintenance. Our crew also goes above and beyond to ensure that your upholstery sparkles and is free of any blemishes or imperfections.
  • Drives, shafts and underwater gears:
    An immobile yacht is an investment in jeopardy. If you’re having issues with your drives, shafts or underwater gears, Starboard Yacht Group LLC is here to ensure that it’s immediately dry docked and thoroughly examined. We’ll pinpoint any issues in your mechanics to ensure that the next time you hit the open water, your yacht responds with precision and mechanical stability.

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