Marine Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation,
& Refrigeration

Yacht comfortably, experience extraordinary.

From air conditioning to refrigeration, temperatures transform trips.

Marine refrigeration and HVAC systems (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning) make every season a cruising season. Control the climate below deck as it changes above deck. Keep everyone onboard cool as you yacht under the sun and warm when you don’t. Starboard Yacht’s installations and repairs make your yacht more valuable, conditions more comfortable, and experiences more exceptional.

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Optimize more & compromise less with our marine HVAC systems.

HVAC systems don’t only keep yachting enjoyable—they also reduce humidity and moisture, preserve marine electronics below deck, and protect against mildew as well as mold.

With Starboard’s support, your marine ventilation system will let the air in but keep the water out. Our professionals make sure your yacht has only as many marine air conditioners and heaters as needed—each requiring minimal power, space, and maintenance to deliver your optimal experience.

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Keep it all cooler for longer with our marine refrigeration systems.

Starboard installs and services all types of marine refrigeration systems. We troubleshoot issues thoroughly and efficiently to keep your system online. Get a complete check of your system to make sure it’s operating properly.

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Our experts have serviced brands
including, but not limited to:

  • Dometic
  • Raritan
  • Aqua-Air
  • Glacier
  • Nova Kool
  • Cruisair
  • Polar Mate
  • NorCold
  • Marine Air
  • Sub Zero
  • Heinen & Hopman
  • Webasto