Yacht Parts

At Starboard Yacht Group, we go above and beyond the traditional expectations of a boat owner to provide a level of depth that’s unmatched by other management firms. We do more than just maintain your yacht: we actively work to understand and improve your investment so that you can enjoy it at any time. By applying industry expertise and engaging in a fluid exchange of information with all of our customers, we set the standard for a higher level of service.

Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

Avoid the growth of fungi and moisture contamination when it comes to your fuel by allowing us to effectively polish your fuel and clean your tank. Fuel polishing itself can help your yacht avoid costly downtime, while tank cleaning prevents buildups that can severely damage this vital operating system. We can quickly and effectively achieve sanitation in your tank and fuel lines, eliminating problems altogether.

Lazzara Parts & Service

The pinnacle of boating is no doubt Lazzara. Investing in a Lazarra yacht is no small expenditure, which makes maintaining your yacht more important than ever. Our team has expert familiarity with Lazzara parts and knows the ins and outs of servicing these magnificent crafts, no matter what maintenance is required. Let us assist you in managing your Lazarra yacht and let you rest easy knowing that your boat is in capable hands.

Hard to Find Parts

Looking for a part that’s uncommon or rare? Let us help you locate it! We specialize in hard to find parts, uncommon fixes and lesser-known solutions. We take pride in knowing every level of operation in your boat, so locating the tools you need to keep it running smoothly is just another part of our job. We’ll get the part and complete the job: it’s as simple as that.

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