Yacht Works Florida

Starboard Yacht Group is the authorized service center for Yacht Works and Cranchi Yachts in Florida.

We Make It Easy. We Do It Right.

Yacht Works Florida is located at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania Beach, Florida as well as their newest location at Mangrove Marina in Tavernier, Florida.
Your authorized dealer for Everglades Boats and Cranchi Yachts in Florida!

Whether you are selling your current boat or yacht, or need expert help in find a quality boat that exactly suits your lifestyle, the knowledge brokers at Yacht Works Fort Lauderdale and Yacht Works Miami are equipped to handle every aspect of the transaction – making it simpler and more pleasurable than you ever thought possible.


A Tradition of quality

Tradition of quality means placing great value on the content rather than the appearance. It means research and excellent skills which, fed by a great passion, helps us in giving our best, always. In practice, the attitude of looking ahead.

Behind the CRANCHI trademark there is one of the oldest and most solid Italian nautical companies, whose origins stretch all the way back to 1870.

Such an important tradition bears witness to the constant and unending developmental research into models and construction techniques, sustained by a well-defined qualitative path aimed at reaching the highest levels. The development – the natural outlet for the quality, innovation and reliability offered to our clientele – has characterized and continues to characterize the growth of CRANCHI, which is consolidating a significant and constant increase in turnover, year after year.

The perfect and almost maniacal organization that reigns in all the CRANCHI plants reveals the extent of the entrepreneurial skills that lie behind this historical trademark, now led by the 5th generation, which has been able to evolve and grow to become a great company, counting solely on its own strengths.

There are two strict family rules in fact: reinvest the profits to create a future, increasing the quality of the work environments and the quality of the product, and a single figure in overall charge.
Encouraging progress is an essential condition for a company that wants to look to the future, and CRANCHI does its utmost to ensure that the change expresses its entrepreneurial philosophy. With the same, unchanged passion of always.

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