Hurricane Season-Is Your Yacht Ready?

Hurricane Season-Is Your Yacht Ready?

October 3, 2012

During hurricane season, the best way to stay safe is to be prepared. Especially in Fort Lauderdale, where you are so close to the water, hurricanes are especially dangerous and can be damaging to your property. Not only do you have to worry about your home, you also need to worry about your boat and doing yacht storm repair in Fort Lauderdale. Here is how to prepare your yacht for a hurricane.

  1. Watch the forecasts. With news stations keeping you up-to-date on forthcoming storms, you have no reason not to be on top of the weather. Pay special attention during storm season and when there is a storm watch in progress. At all other times, pay attention to the nightly forecasts so you will be one step ahead of any bad weather.
  2. Find out your marina’s action plan. Your marina’s manager may be there to offer assistance and maybe even yacht cleaning, but in the event of a hurricane, he may have his own evacuation plan. Do not rely on him for help in a storm. While he may be there to assist yacht owner’s there is a chance he may not be and you will need to be independent.
  3. Stock up on back-up supplies. In the event a hurricane does come, you won’t be able to run out and buy supplies, so make sure you are stocked up. Keep extra dock lines, fenders and boards on hand. Keep a supply of different tapes like duct tape, electrical tape and masking tape handy. Several nylon straps may also be good to have for securing items.
  4. Prepare your yacht. If you get notice that a hurricane is in fact coming, you will need to prepare your vessel. Here is a checklist of things you should do:
    • Clear the deck by removing all dinghies, outriggers and life rafts.
    • Remove the boom if you can as well.
    • Remove electronics if it is possible. If you can’t, then duct tape them so they will stay put.
    • Carefully seal all your vents and holes to prevent water from getting in your equipment.
    • Use duct tape and plywood to close off opening to your most important pieces of equipment.
    • Whenever possible, remove equipment that can get damaged from your ship and relocate it in your home or somewhere else that is safe.
    • Make sure that all your batteries are fully charges and that all your electrical equipment are turned off with the exception of your bilge pump.
    • Make sure that your bilge pump is debris free.
    • Keep your fuel tank closed and your yacht engine off.
    • Close up any stoves on your vessel.
    • Remove as much books and paper from your yacht as well. When wet paper gets into the bilges, it can clog them and prevent them from working well.

Hurricane weather can be dangerous, and damaging to your yacht if you are not prepared. Follow these tips and your vessel will be prepared as possible for the storms ahead.

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