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Allure. Excitement. Tranquility. From the innermost dreams of seafarers to the inner workings of their vessels, Starboard Yacht Group combines decades of comprehensive experience to reimagine the boating experience with extraordinary yacht refits. Make total transformations happen on time and on budget. Don’t just upkeep your vessel—upgrade your voyage. Optimize your odyssey, change the way you take on the seas, and drive your yacht into the future.

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You can’t truly enjoy your yacht without your stabilizer. Make the water feel like the land. Minimize the risk, and maximize the experience. Eliminate unsafe and uncomfortable boat movements with the finest stabilization technology on the market.
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Marine Electronic Innovations

Whether you’re fishing for sport or navigating the sea, experience the latest electronic advancements in exploration, automation, entertainment and more. Make the ocean more comfortable, the world more visible, control more possible, and fun more accessible.

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As every seafarer is different, each requires a unique experience. Take the Starboard Seafarer Assessment now to uncover the components to your perfect vessel. Discover which yacht service you personally need to achieve the highest level of peace of mind, enjoyment, comfort, and safety at sea—and make your experience extraordinary.


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We continually update our yacht services to keep your experiences as extraordinary as ever, with the understanding that the highest levels of personalization, optimization, and transformation demand the highest levels of trust, care, and effort.

Our work

Explore some of our recent yacht refits.
89’ Leopard. We installed 2 Seakeepers 16 and Humphree interceptors for a complete stabilization package on this impresive 89' Leopard Yacht.
84’ Lyman-Morse "Song of Acadia". This custom 84' Lyman-Morse Yacht was upgraded with Humphree's All Speed Fin Stabilizers and Humphree's Interceptors.
141’ Italyacht "Antelope IV". We installed the following on this iconic 141' Italyacht "Antelope IV": 3 Seakeepers 26, Humphree's fixed fins, Humphree's interceptors, and Humphree's Interceptor Steering

Leopard 89′. The Seakeepers’ installation on this project was very challenging since there wasn’t any easy or direct access to the spot to place the units. The Seakeepers went in through the sliding roof of the boat, the stairs and floor were disembled to be able to get the units to the lower deck and then under the lower deck where they were finally installed. Our team (following the design and instructions of our naval architect) fabricated a custom foundation part aluminum tabbed with fiberglass and a romovable carbon steel beam supported by brackets. Also the surrounding structure was reinforced with carbon fiber.

This was definetely one of the most challenging Seakeeper installations we’ve enconuntered and completed succesfully thanks to the expertise and professionalism of the Starboard Yacht Group’s team.


84’ Lyman-Morse. When Starboard Yacht Group was first approached to install Humphree fins and interceptors on ‘Song of Acadia’, an 84’ custom motor yacht, the team quickly agreed to the job but not to the plan. Built by the illustrious boat builder Lyman-Morse, the vessel is a beautiful work of craftsmanship that deserves a high class of technology to go with its masterful design. Each year, this particular yacht travels all year long from the Florida Keys to New England, Nantucket, and beyond. Humphree interceptors and fins were a suitable fit for its needs. The question Starboard faced was how to make the servo units for the Humphree fins fit. As a true yachtsman, the boat owner knew what was needed but not how to approach it. A different shipyard initially proposed a complex and costly set of alterations. Calling upon the expertise of Starboard’s talented naval architect, the team devised a simpler solution to the problem. Their answer was not only more economical but also more functional. Rather than raise an entire floor of the vessel to fit the servo units underneath, Starboard built a footstep that served a purpose beyond making stabilization possible. Starboard’s design enabled passengers to access a previously unreachable porthole. Whether you need more air or a particular view from the vessel’s stateroom, you need to reach the porthole. Combining a naval architect’s trained eye with Starboard’s trademark creativity, the team addressed two challenges with a single alteration. More than maximum stabilization, the results included added functionality and approximately $100,000 in savings. Furthermore, Starboard’s fine craftsmanship matched the high level of the yacht’s original design work. It’s never easy to optimize without compromise, but if there’s ever a better way, Starboard will find it.


141’ Italyacht. We installed the following on this iconic 141′ Italyacht “Antelope IV”: 3 Seakeepers 26 for up to 95% of boat roll reduction, Humphree’s fixed fins made for waterjet boats for course keeping improvement, Humphree’s interceptors for trim control and added stabilization, and Humphree’s Interceptor Steering to significantly improve fuel savings and course keeping for waterjet propelled vessels.