Four Reasons to Trust Starboard Yacht Group LLC for Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Management

Four Reasons to Trust Starboard Yacht Group LLC for Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Management

April 20, 2016

In managing and maintaining the widespread needs of your yacht, you’re undoubtedly going to require help from a service company that’s able to work around your needs and within your expectations. It’s important not to choose just any service provider to assist you in keeping your yacht working to its fullest, and Starboard Yacht Group LLC understands this better than anyone—that’s why we take our service offerings and capabilities up a notch to set ourselves apart from the pack.

It’s not news to you that your yacht is an investment, so make sure you’re treating it like everything it’s worth when it comes to Ft. Lauderdale yacht management. Take a look at some of the things Starboard Yacht Group LLC does to ensure the integrity of your investment, while exceeding your expectations in regards to care:

  • We’re fully licensed and thoroughly accredited to perform the services we advertise. You’d be amazed at how many service companies don’t have the proper certifications or accreditation to work on your boat and, as a result, they’re not qualified to perform a great number of services! Even worse are companies that provide these services anyway, usually to the detriment of your yacht. You can trust that we’re fully licensed and tremendously qualified!
  • We’re happy to provide 24/7 emergency dockside maintenance for you in your time of need. We know that yacht issues can arise at any time in such a technologically advanced vessel and that trouble rarely rears its head at an opportune time. Our technicians can come out to you straight away, to make sure any emergency situations are thoroughly and properly addressed and that your vessel is in safe hands.
  • We’re proudly a green company! We know firsthand how damaging to the environment yacht services can be—from chemicals and oils, fuels and beyond. We’ve taken steps to make sure all of the procedures we follow are environmentally sound. All products and disposal methods are also environmentally safe. We are dedicated to maintaining clean waterways in South Florida!
  • We’re a complete service provider, meaning everything and anything your boat might have a need for, we’re able to provide. No matter the service, no matter the scope, our trained staff of qualified professionals will always go above and beyond to ensure quality. Our facilities are also equipped with the tools and resources to ensure a job well done every time. Whether it’s a routine procedure or a major repair, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing you never need to go anywhere else.

They say there’s nothing like good, hard evidence when it comes to proving a point, which is why we encourage you to look towards Starboard Yacht Group LLC the next time your boat requires service. We’re certain that after meeting with us and seeing our complete level of care and dedication, you won’t ever look anywhere else for Ft. Lauderdale yacht management ever again!

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