Hauling out a Boat: An Overview from a Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Management Company

Hauling out a Boat: An Overview from a Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Management Company

June 5, 2016

If you go long seasons without using your yacht, you may consider hauling it out of the water to be stored elsewhere. This can provide you with greater security and a lower risk of the boat being damaged while it sits in the water, unused.

Here is an overview of the steps you must take to haul out your boat, courtesy of a Ft. Lauderdale yacht management company:

  • Get the boat into position: Board your yacht and move it into the slipway between docks. When you actually begin hauling, the crane’s wheels will go along the docks and span between the slipway, so the crane can get in position above the boat to haul it. If a slipway is not present, the yacht can be hauled from a boat launch instead with the use of a different type of crane.
  • Ready the boat before hauling: Before you start the hauling process, you need to make sure the boat is ready to come out of the water and be stored. Empty all tanks, secure all instrumentation and remove anything from the boat that you do not want sitting in storage.
  • Get the crane into position: This is a job that’s best done with multiple people, as you can more easily determine spacing and work through other issues that arise during the hauling process. The crane should be moved over the top of the slipway with wheels on each dock. Its straps should be placed into the water while the boat is backing up into the slipway. Once the boat is finally in position, the straps will be pulled up and positioned beneath the boat.
  • Get the straps into place: Have other helpers working on the straps—one at each strap. In doing so, you can guarantee the strap will be placed correctly underneath the boat. Straps should be securely fastened so they will not slip off as soon as the boat is lifted. Additionally, make sure to place the rear strap in a place where it will not cause any damage to the propeller. Take as much time as you need to so you can ensure a smooth, safe lift out of the water.
  • Haul the boat: Using the crane, slowly lift the boat out of the water. Emphasis should be put on “slowly” here, as you do not want to use any quick, jerking motions. Such movements could severely damage the boat. Helpers should watch to make sure there are no snags in the straps and that the straps stay in the correct position.
  • Place the boat on a stand or trailer: If you are moving your boat away to another location, you will want a yacht trailer handy. Otherwise, if you store the boat at the yacht club or marina, you will likely have a designated stand. Make sure to lower the boat slowly and steadily to ensure a safe placement.

For more information about hauling your boat out of the water, contact our Ft. Lauderdale yacht management company today. Starboard Yacht Group LLC looks forward to helping you!

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