Four Important Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale Available Through Starboard Yacht Group LLC

Four Important Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale Available Through Starboard Yacht Group LLC

February 14, 2017

If you’re a current yacht owner, or are about to purchase your first yacht, you know that your watercraft is comprised of many different moving parts, and requires regular maintenance. Sometimes, the intense sun and salt of the Florida waters can pose a major setback to any seafaring vessel, and that’s where Starboard Yacht Group LLC can help. We provide a wide variety of important yacht services in Fort Lauderdale for owners, captains, brokers and manufacturers. Here are four essential services we can provide to help keep your boat running well:

  • Hydraulic care: One of the priciest aspects of any good yacht is the hydraulic system, including the pump. This system needs to be properly maintained, or you’ll be stuck in the water wishing you’d had your yacht serviced. You don’t want just any company handling such a vital component of your boat. At Starboard Yacht Group LLC, we know precisely how each piece of the subsystem functions, so we can accurately maintain and repair your hydraulics while leaving the rest of the boat undisturbed.
  • Electrical repairs and engineering: Many parts of your yacht are reliant on electricity, and electrical issues can have serious consequences—not only for your boat, but also for your own safety. We take safety seriously, and work hard to take care of any issues before they become a problem for you. We also make sure to fully explain your boat’s electrical system, maintenance requirements and any required repairs.
  • Inspections and surveys: One very important part of excellent yacht services in Fort Lauderdale is survey and inspection for your watercraft. After all, you’ll be taking your boat out on the water, where you’ll have to rely on it functioning well to get you where you need to go—and safely home again. The experienced crew at Starboard Yacht Group will scrutinize every inch of your yacht from top to bottom to make sure it’s in top shape. We’ll give it premium TLC, and if anything at all is amiss, large or small, we’ll alert you right away and have it fixed quickly so you can get back to enjoying the sunshine from your deck.
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning: Nothing beats basking in the warm rays of the Florida sun from the deck of your outstanding yacht. Of course, from time to time, you need to cool off, and that’s why air conditioning is so important! No one likes to be caught out in midday heat without any way of avoiding heatstroke, or have warm beers below deck. At Starboard Yacht Group LLC, we are experts in air conditioning and refrigeration, so you can trust our crew to keep you cool and comfortable year-round.

When you’re ready for expert yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than the team at Starboard Yacht Group LLC. We’ll keep your yacht in great shape 24/7 so you can kick back and relax. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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