The History of Starboard Yacht Group, LLC

The History of Starboard Yacht Group, LLC

August 27, 2015

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In 2008,Jake Stratmann founded Starboard Yacht Group LLC. Jake graduated from The University of Florida, Warrington College of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with the major of Decision and Information Science. Jake has had a passion for engineering and working with yachts nearly all of his life. As a teenager, Jake learned the basics of yacht engineering; working with one of the most reputable yacht manufacturers in the world. From understanding the various marine subsystems to physically assembling the yachts, Jake’s experience helped pave the way for leadership within the boating industry.

Upon graduating, Jake helped to take the helm of an up and coming enterprise, where he was instrumental in formulating the very same management system that Starboard Yacht Group LLC uses today. Leaving the company to pursue his own entrepreneurial passions, the company has only continued to flourish under his leadership. From then to now Starboard Yacht Group has been and is The Right Choice For Total Yacht Care!

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