Five Reasons Yacht Management is a Smart Investment

Five Reasons Yacht Management is a Smart Investment

October 20, 2015

Anyone who owns a yacht knows that it’s an investment—perhaps the most expensive investment you’ll ever make when all is said and done. The reason people buy boats is because of the enjoyment that comes with them: the days spent out on the water with friends and family or the vacations taken to different coastal areas aboard a seafaring vessel. Without comprehensive yacht management, however, the enjoyment of your yacht might pale in comparison to all of the work that’s needed to keep it in good standing.

This is one of the chief reasons companies like Starboard Yacht Group LLC exist today: to minimize the time spent worrying about your yacht and maximize the time you spend enjoying it. With a yacht management company on your side, your investment is in good hands for as long as you own it and you’ll be able to rely on a myriad of other benefits, including:

  1. Knowledge on tap: Even the most seasoned boat owners aren’t always experts in how a boat functions or runs, which can mean a gap in knowledge when problems arise. In working with a yacht management company, you’ll have experts on hand who can give you answers to your questions and, more importantly, help you to understand any issues with your yacht so you can be better aware of what caused them, how to prevent them and what you’re paying for when having them fixed!
  2. A full range of services: Over its lifetime your yacht is going to need a wide variety of services. Trying to find service providers each time something comes up can have innumerable drawbacks, whereas having a single company you can rely on for all of your boat’s needs will simplify things considerably. Working with the same yacht management company for all of your needs means quicker, better results across the board.
  3. A history of service: Consistency is key when owning a yacht—consistent maintenance, cleaning, sailing, etc. In working with the same Ft. Lauderdale yacht management company, you’re making a choice for consistent service and consistent records, which will benefit you and your boat in the long run. This way, the company gets to know your boat and its unique needs, equating to a better level of service over time and peace of mind for you, the owner.
  4. Peace of mind: Did you forget to have your yacht detailed? Not sure if you accidently skipped its last engine service date? Not sure what upcoming services you’re due for? No problem! In enrolling in a monthly service plan with Starboard Yacht Group LLC, you’re giving yourself peace of mind by putting these duties and reminders in the hands of a professional. No longer will you forget to do this or schedule that: it’ll all be done for you—all you need to do is show up with your yacht in tow!
  5. Access to other resources: A Ft. Lauderdale yacht management company is about more than just detailing or repairing your yacht—they’re a gateway to virtually any yachting need you may have. Whether you’re looking for captain services or the time has come for you to sell your yacht through a reliable broker, a management company is going to be your direct line to these needs and more.

If you want your experience in owning a boat to be one that’s filled with happy experiences, rather than service calls and constant headaches, make sure you’re working hand in hand with Starboard Yacht Group LLC. We’ll take care of managing your yacht so you can focus on enjoying it!

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