About Starboard Yacht

The Starboard Yacht LLC philosophy is grounded in achieving excellence through unparalleled quality and service. When you bring your boat to Starboard Yacht Group LLC, you’re entrusting your investment to professionals who not only understand every aspect of your boat, we exhibit a workmanship that sets the standard for the industry. By staying ahead of the technology, relying on refined expertise from years of hands-on service and striving for a higher level of quality, we’re able to offer our customers a complete service model in an industry that expects nothing less than the best.

Background & Experience

Not all yacht management firms are created equal and those that outshine the inferior are those that are built on time-tested experience. At Starboard Yacht Group LLC, our leadership starts at the top, with Owner Jake Stratmann.

jake-stratmannA University of Florida graduate from the Warrington College of Business, Jake graduated with a Major of Decision and Information Sciences degree and has had a passion for engineering and working with yachts nearly all of his life. As a teenager, Jake learned the basics of yacht engineering, working with one of the most reputable yacht manufacturers in the world. From understanding the various marine subsystems to physically assembling the yachts themselves, Jake’s experience helped pave the way for leadership within the boating industry.

Upon graduating, Jake helped to take the helm of an up and coming enterprise, where he was instrumental in formulating the very same management system that Starboard Yacht Group LLC uses today. Leaving the company to pursue his own entrepreneurial passions, Jake founded Starboard Yacht Group LLC in 2008 and since that time, the company has only continued to flourish under his leadership.

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Pioneering Yacht Management

Starboard Yacht Group LLC maintains an exceptional level of reputability for a number of reasons, the foremost of which is due to the facilitation of knowledge within its business model. By keeping up on new trends, technologies and employing only the most knowledgeable personnel, Jake has created an authoritative entity in Starboard Yacht Group LLC.

Each yacht that’s inspected and serviced by Starboard Yacht Group LLC is subject to a formulaic approach—one that properly addresses the need for maintenance in a timely manner, creating no waste or superfluous steps in the resolution process. Every member of the Starboard Yacht Group staff is a trained professional in yacht maintenance and the Starboard Team goes above and beyond the standards set by their competitors by seeking higher individual qualifications, providing detailed in-house training for all staff and adhering to a strict ethical code of conduct for all employees. The end result is more efficient service, happier customers and safer, better-maintained boats.

Bringing your boat to Starboard Yacht Group LLC isn’t just a responsible approach to yacht management: it’s a guarantee of complete and superior service.

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