Soar comfortably. Enjoy efficiently.

Every boat is different, but
Humphree always makes a difference.

Humphree creates compact, customizable fins and interceptors to trim and stabilize vessels, efficiently enhancing boat performance and transforming your experience at all speeds. Together, Starboard and Humphree make the impossible possible for all in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Every boat is different, but
Humphree always makes a difference.

Humphree creates compact, customizable fins and interceptors to trim and stabilize vessels, efficiently enhancing boat performance and transforming your experience at all speeds. Together, Starboard and Humphree make the impossible possible for all in Fort Lauderdale, FL.



  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Space
  • Efficiency


  • Roll, Pitch, & Yaw Movements
  • Drag & Resistance
  • Size & Weight
  • Fuel & Power consumption

All Speed Fin Stabilizer

Innovative solutions for a dynamic environment

The All Speed Fin Stabilizers offer cutting-edge stabilization both underway and at anchor in various sea conditions.

With the touch of a button, Humphree’s fully electronic, low-power, user-friendly controls allow you to automatically optimize your boating experience through dynamic stabilization without draining your battery bank or needing to run your generator.

Able to rotate through 360°, these lightweight fins respond instantly to detected swell conditions and significantly reduce roll and pitch motions, prevent anchor walk, and enhance overall safety and comfort.

So peaceful, you may just forget that you left the marina.


  • 360-degree rotating fins
  • Solid, customizable construction
  • 24-V DC Powered
  • Carbon Fiber for low drag and weight
  • Flange-Mounted with external servomotor
  • Ultra Fast and Quiet Servo Motor
  • Integrated Technology and Automation


  • Operates at zero speed and underway to reduce roll, pitch, and yaw motions, so you can comfortably anchor in nearly any anchorage
  • Able to be cut to custom fit any hull, with five size options for twin or quad installations
  • Low energy consumption so there’s no need to start the generator
  • The sleek fin design allows for maximum stabilizing effect with minimal drag for improved fuel consumption
  • The flange mount allows for easy installation
  • Fins are designed to break in the event of grounding, keeping the hull and servo undamaged
  • Able to be combined with Humphree interceptors for a complete automatic stabilization experience

All-Speed Fin Features

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Custom-Ready Design
Flange Mount
360 Degree Rotation
Compact & Lightweight

Humphree’s Fin vs Hydraulic Fins

  • The Humphree Fin system is the lightest weight and most hydrodynamic system on the market today
  • The Humphree fin system was designed with efficiency and low drag in mind with different fin for all types of vessels
  • Smaller footprint and Surface than competitive Fin stabilizers
  • No hydraulics means low maintenance and easy installation


Humphree interceptors are designed to create lift by “intercepting” the water as it flows over the hull with retractable blades mounted on the transom. By introducing this vertical plane into the hull profile, the intercepted water flow results in a corrective force on the transom to lift it to the boat’s optimal trim angle—getting it beyond the “hump” to planing for faster acceleration at lower RPM and fuel consumption.

By design, interceptors provide the same amount of lift with less resistance and drag than traditional trim tab systems, making them a wise choice for fast, high-planing vessels.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust construction, lightweight composite materials
  • 24V DC powered servo-motors that won’t drain your batteries
  • Externally mounted & customizable to fit nearly any hull
  • Programmable with Humphree adaptive technology for stability at any speed and sea state
  • Optimal trim angle results in lower fuel consumption and higher speed
Water proof servo unit (360 degrees rotatable) mounted in engine room
Shaft (varied lengths) and nut
Closed unit to prevent internal marine growth
Interceptor Blade
Bearing plate
Bushing in grivory or nibral (>45 knots)

Whether you operate a center console with outboards, a mega-yacht with a swim platform, or a high-speed waterjet yacht, Humphree has an Interceptor Series to suit your needs and fit your transom.


Our customizable Humphree interceptor trim tab systems minimize roll and pitch movements no matter how fast you go. These compact interceptor installations offer more than stability, acting as trim tabs to improve your speed, acceleration and visibility with minimal fuel and power consumption. For high speed rides, Humphree interceptors are your yacht stabilizer.

Humphree’s transformational Interceptors are 25% more efficient than traditional trim tabs:

  • Heightened speed
  • Faster acceleration
  • More compact & lightweight
  • Less resistance & drag
  • Automated technology options


Designed for boats 25’-60’ length overall, the X-Series is available in five standard sizes. For superior control of dynamic hull motions, they all have an interceptor blade with a powerful 50mm (2”) stroke



Humphree’s H Series line denotes a customizable interceptor for various transom designs and durable construction for vessels over 40’. Available in sizes 350-1500mm in width.



This interceptor line with an asymmetric placed servo unit can be used if the preferred area of the transom is limited or when a structure on the inside of the transom does not allow for a center-placed servo. The HA-interceptor can be custom shaped for a perfect fit and comes in sizes 500 – 1100mm.



The HE-Series interceptors are designed for heavy-duty use. With their powerful 75mm stroke length, they will add 50% more lift force than the standard 50mm interceptors. The HE-interceptor comes in sizes 750 – 1500mm wide and can be custom shaped for a perfect fit.



HL-Series are designed and built for large and heavy-planing vessels. With a mechanical, high-performing structure, the HLS-interceptor’s blade has a powerful 110mm stroke length. The HLS interceptor is available from 800mm to 1500mm in width


All H-Series Interceptors can be custom shaped for your unique vessel to remain flush with each curve and contour of the hull when not in use, and apply lift when needed for peak performance and stabilization.

User-Friendly Automation

Humphree Interceptor systems include advanced sensor technology and an adaptive algorithm to monitor vessel motion and respond instantly to get rid of uncomfortable movement. Its easy-to-use Control Panel allows the operator to simply set it, forget it, and enjoy the ride.

Humphree Stabilizer packages can be customized to include the following upgrades for a completely automated stabilization experience:


Automatic Trim Control

Standard to every Humphree control system, Automatic Trim Control flawlessly adjusts your vessel’s trim angle at all speeds to optimize performance, and reduce the plowing effect of the bow wave. This means faster acceleration, decreased fuel consumption, and greater visibility from the helm.


Automatic List Control

Effectively reduces your vessel’s list angle to maintain a safe and comfortable ride on an even keel, regardless of your vessel’s load condition.

Coordinated Turn Control

Intelligently executed turns using a combination of rudder, gyro, and accelerometer inputs to reduce heel angle and comfortably tighten your vessel’s turning radius for safer, more effective maneuvering at any speed.


Active Stabilization

Synchronization of all Humphree system components to continuously deliver the smoothest experience in the ever-changing boating environment.

Add automatic control systems to your Humphree interceptor, and drive your vessel into the future.

Smart technology in the form of automatic systems allows Humphree interceptors to detect sea conditions and immediately respond with total accuracy, keeping your vessel steady and giving you infinitely greater control as you turn, drive, and ride.

These Humphree additional options maximize your experience
and your passengers’ safety:

Jetboats Stabilization

Waterjet propelled yachts are light, fun, fast, and highly maneuverable, but with their impeller and rotating bucket system of propulsion and steering, many operators find that staying on a straight heading requires constant corrections. Humphree Fixed Fin and Interceptor Steering combination offers the solution to keep you on track.

Interceptor Steering (for waterjet-propelled vessels)

With their light displacement and shallow draft, jetboats are known for their poor course-keeping abilities. Humphree’s Interceptors use adaptive technology to automatically apply or remove lift as required to keep your vessel on a straight heading, reducing the need for constant corrections, and greatly increasing its fuel savings. Combine this technology with Humphree Fixed Fins for even greater directional stability.

Fixed Fins

Humphree Fixed Fins offer a lateral component to the hull of high-speed and shallow-draft vessels, such as a waterjet boat, enhancing its course-keeping ability. Install these fins near the stern and experience the difference as they limit the sideways motion (snake wake) of the propulsion thrust.

With its sleek, streamlined design, the fixed fin is sub-cavitating for boats with operating speeds up to 40 knots and has base-ventilating fins for boats achieving speeds greater than that.

Combine with the Humphree Interceptors to experience superior control and performance at any speed.

Features & Benefits

  • Composite material for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Hydrodynamic design for low drag and improved course-keeping
  • 4-Bolt installation designed to shear off if the vessel should run aground, protecting the hull from damage



Fixed Fins

Fixed Fin Features

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Course Keeping
Custom-Ready Design
Protective Bolts
Wing Profile Fin

Humphree Fins—Tailored to Transform


Stabilize any boat at any speed.

When you’re at full speed, everyone on board comfortably enjoys the stability of Humphree fins. And at anchor, no other low-power yacht stabilizer compares. In addition to reducing fuel consumption, lightweight fin installations minimize yaw and roll movements. But they also go beyond stability to enhance your speed, boat performance, and overall experience.


Will Humphree Stabilizers work
for your boat?

The expert teams at Starboard can custom install state of the art Humphree stabilizers on the exterior of any vessel in the proper size range. For Humphree interceptors, that’s 23 feet in length or larger, while for Humphree Fins, that includes vessels between 39 and 165 feet in length.

Which combination of Humphree systems is best for

Humphree stabilizers have been successfully installed on thousands of vessels to date, we have the hard predictive and performance historical data to determine which combination of Humphree systems is best for you. Check the Humphree sizing guide or provide us with the year, make, and model of your vessel to explore what works for your boat and your needs.

Humphree Sea Trials—See the difference.

Rendering of the Humphree stabilization in motion.

Actual footage of the Humphree stabilization at anchor.

Get the Humphree experience for yourself.

Humphree’s Academy

Humphree’s Academy is an owner’s and captain’s resources portal where you have access to instructions on how to calibrate and set up your Humphree’s systems.

The finest materials shape the greatest experiences.

Humphree stabilizers are made of the highest quality composite materials for optimum performance, corrosion resistance and reduced drag.

They fit because we make them fit.

Humphree fins and interceptors not only come in all shapes and sizes, but Humphree will also customize your yacht stabilizer to the hull of your boat so that you can enjoy stability no matter how unique your vessel may be.