Stabilize your boat, revolutionize your ride.

You can’t truly enjoy your yacht
without your stabilizer

Stabilization is the boating innovation of the century. Before the yacht stabilizer revolution, studies show that for most seafarers, there was simply no way to fully experience the joys of boating without nausea and exhaustion. Now, you can yacht with less risk, more efficiency, and total comfort, regardless of sea conditions.

The right stabilizer combination virtually eliminates the most uncomfortable boat movements to transform the experience for everyone on board without compromise.



  • Experience Enjoyment
  • Human Energy
  • Passenger Safety
  • Boat Protection
  • Asset Value


  • Undesirable Motion
  • Sea Sickness
  • Exhaustion
  • Harmful Accidents
  • Costly Damage

Choose the right boat stabilizer
for you.

It takes more than an instruction manual

As yacht stabilizer installations entail countless mechanical and aesthetic variables, Starboard Yacht Group looks beyond the instruction manual to lead the way. We employ creative problem-solving to uncover new possibilities and overcome the unforeseen challenges that arise during boat stabilizer upgrades.

We go places no one else would have thought to, minimize tradeoffs, and offer enhancements that go far beyond stabilization. Your boat will come out better than new—in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

Make your boat better than new.


Listen to the difference everyone experiences:

Everybody said there was no way a gyro could fit in our boat, but Starboard found space where no other installer would ever look and left it all fully functional and easy to access.

I was told that while a stabilizer would make boating feel better, my boat would never look the same, and I was told right—after Starboard finished with it, my Yacht looked better than ever!

Our extraordinary brand

Every option is distinctive, every vessel is different, and every owner is unique. We partner with the yachting world’s most extraordinary brands to offer you the fullest choice of extraordinary experiences. From gyroscopes, to fins, to interceptors, our skilled technicians know it all, and masterfully install it all to give you the stability you need.


Which stabilizer is right for you?

A combination of Seakeeper and Humphree stabilizers is always optimal, but which yacht stabilizer you need most depends on a range of factors including the activities you use your boat for, the speed you travel, your budget, and the boat itself. Connect with our experts to get a sense of which boat stabilizer should be your highest priority to install.

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How much does true stabilization cost?

The greatest experiences in life often require the greatest investment, and stabilization is the most valuable Yacht transformation there is. It changes the entire experience, and boaters simply cannot boat without it. True stability at sea has been proven to be undeniably extraordinary—unparalleled in comfort as well as safety—and unquestionably priceless.

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The analytics behind the

The effectiveness of stabilizers is scientifically proven, fully predictable, and measurable with a high level of accuracy. Stabilizer manufacturers simulate the way your particular boat will respond in a variety of sea conditions, using detailed boat-model data, to predict the percentage at which different stabilizers of different sizes will reduce motion.


Complete the transformation

Once you stabilize your vessel, optimize your technology.

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Marine Electronic Innovations

Whether you’re fishing for sport or navigating the Sea, experience the latest electronic advancements in exploration, automation, entertainment and more. Make the ocean more comfortable, the world more visible, control more possible, and fun more accessible.

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