Haul Out & Dry Dock Services

At Lauderdale Marine Center & Harbour Towne Marina

Haul out, yacht on.

Our haul out and dry dock services make many of our yacht refits and repairs possible. Whether you need an upgrade, a bottom job, or anything in between, Starboard Yacht Group has the convenient locations, quality lifts, and comprehensive knowledge to transform your experience on the water.

From Harbour Towne Marina to Lauderdale Marine Center and any location in between, Starboard has your yacht covered. Our dry docks are as extraordinary as our dry dock services, but we’ll meet your yacht anywhere in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. And we’ll always leave your vessel better than the day you bought it.

Humphree Fin and Interceptor Installations

Whether you prefer to keep your yacht at anchor or speed across the sea, Starboard can transform your yachting experience with Humphree stabilizers.

Antifouling Coatings (Bottom Painting, Stripping, and Peeling)

Every hull is prone to wear and tear, but from metal coatings to high-performance coatings, Starboard is certified by Seahawk, Interlux, and Propspeed to paint and repair.

Engine Repair and Maintenance

When in doubt, haul it out. Don’t let engine issues go unchecked. Whether the challenge is mechanical or electrical, Starboard will lead the way to resolve any problems swiftly.

Canvas & Upholstery

The way your Yacht looks changes the way your yacht feels. When you dry dock your vessel, make it sparkle. Perfect your canvas and upholstery. Master your ocean.

Fiberglass, Gelcoat, and Paint

Salt erosion. Water erosion. Sun damage. Blistering. The water takes its toll on the aesthetic and structure of the greatest of vessels, but Starboard repairs it all.

Drives, Shafts, and Underwater Gears

An immobile yacht is an investment in jeopardy. If you have issues with your drives, shafts, or underwater gears, haul your vessel out and let Starboard handle the rest.

Electrical & Plumbing

As part of our comprehensive dry dock services, Starboard diagnostically tests electrical systems and observes plumbing to ensure that issues are immediately resolved.

The most extraordinary marinas in Fort Lauderdale

While Starboard Yacht Group will service your yacht from nearly any marina in Florida, we have two world-class facilities in the greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale FL area. With convenient locations at Harbour Towne Marina and Lauderdale Marine Center, Starboard is primed to meet any of your yacht’s dry dock and haul out demands. Explore our exceptional options; enjoy your extraordinary experiences.


Service your vessel at the most conveniently located yacht repair and refit facility in the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

  • Located on the Dania Cutoff Canal
  • 613 dry storage spaces for boats up to 50’
  • 100-ton travel lift and yard
  • 24-hour security

Service your vessel at LMC, the largest dedicated yacht repair and refit facility in the U.S.

  • On-site restaurant, a gym, and stunning views
  • Dry docking for over 100 vessels up to 485 tons
  • 485, 220, 145, 100, and 75-ton lifts
  • 24-hour security

To upgrade or to repair?

As the most efficient dry dock service isn’t always the most obvious, it’s not always intuitive to know what you need. Before we ever touch your yacht’s hull, we’ll determine the best possible services for your vessel. Sometimes, repairs are the most efficient route. Other times, old stabilization system trade-ins or new upgrades are more cost-effective than a repair. Starboard’s experts know the difference and will masterfully advise you before hauling your vessel out of the water. Reach out to us now to explore your options.

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