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Marine Electronic Innovations

Reimagine technology, reshape experiences.

They make the innovation,
we make the transformation.

At Starboard Yacht Group, we’re immensely proud to partner with industry leaders who share our passion for the revolutionary, and empower us to use our comprehensive boating knowledge to fulfill our mission in new ways.

Whether you’re hunting for fish or just navigating the sea, make your experience even more extraordinary. Enjoy the most innovative technology to date in boat control, at-sea visibility, and on-board entertainment.

Together, we change the way you experience the ocean.


Before you can upgrade with electronics, you
need to understand the mechanics.

Most could never imagine all the factors that go into which marine innovations are right for you and your vessel or how the technology is best installed. That’s why beyond electronics, we know experiences, and we recognize every installation as a part of a larger transformation.

Starboard has a uniquely all-encompassing understanding of how your boat breathes, and we take everything into account with every change we make.

Uncover which innovation is right for you.


See what works on our boats to
know what works for yours.

We won’t install any technology on any other vessel until we try it on our own. Our demo boats give our experts the opportunity to master the latest technology and ensure that it effectively enhances your experience.

Take a ride and feel the difference.


Experience the most powerful
generators you’ll never hear.

Every refit is different, but there are some needs that are almost always the same—every upgrade requires a generator with enough power for your new technology that fits in your space without disturbing your experience.

We partner with Fischer Panda to bring you the smallest, lightest, most efficient generators in existence. Different Fischer Panda models are right for different upgrades, but all will fit almost any vessel, maximize its power, and minimize its noise.

  • Quietest marine power source on the market
  • 50% lighter than other generators
  • 30% smaller than other generators

Which generator is right for your refit?
Connect with our experts to find out.

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Automation & Control

Intuitive. Intelligent. Indispensable. Experience the ease of the future.


Assisted Docking

DockSense works with the Raymarine range of Axiom multifunction displays and an array of 3D stereo vision cameras. With advanced motion sensors, the system accurately measures the distances to the dock, pilings, and other moored vessels to create a 3D map of the boat’s surrounding area. A simplified birds-eye-view is then rendered on the Axiom screen. The result is easier and safer docking in all conditions.

Steering Joystick

The Dometic Optimus 360 Joystick Control brings a whole new level of precision to your boat’s steering. This intuitive, retrofittable joystick allows you to move not only forward and backward but also sideways. With additional features such as sensitive touch function and Take Command mode, the Optimus 360 lets you direct and rotate your boat with newfound confidence and a higher level of control.


We have operated boats from dinghies to yachts and we have a former US Coast Guardsman / Machinery Technician and a 100-ton USCG licensed captain on our crew. We know the sense of relief that comes from being able to leave the helm for a closer look at our surroundings, and to still be in complete, confident control of the boat’s movement from anywhere aboard!


GOST has been the global leader in marine monitoring, tracking & surveillance for over 15 years. Our systems give boaters total peace of mind with real-time alerts, satellite tracking, and video surveillance, so you always know your boat is safe & secure.

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Luxury Entertainment

Enjoy the sounds, visuals, and joys the ocean alone can’t offer you.


Audio Entertainment

Experience more than the sounds of the ocean. Enjoy high-performance audio systems, masterfully designed for premium sound and maximum flexibility. All components are engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment and maintain the highest level of sound.

  • High Power Stereo Units
  • Multi-Zone Remote Controls
  • Marine Grade Speakers
  • Powered Subwoofers
  • Audio Amplifiers

Control your music with innovative systems from above deck, below deck, or anywhere on board. Tailor the soundscape all around your vessel to explore what extraordinary sounds like.

High Performance Satellite TV Antenna Systems

Raymarine’s Satellite TV antennas bring the same combination of high performance and ease-of-use to your onboard entertainment that you would expect from your home entertainment system. Housed in a compact dome, our antenna systems automatically track and receive satellite TV signals in almost any conditions – guaranteed quick, clear, reliable access to hundreds of digital channels.

Available with 33 cm, 37 cm, 45 cm and 60 cm dish diameters.


Experience the greatest innovation in the
boating industry.