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The greatest Seakeeper service providers are the finest problem-solvers, and Starboard’s experts are some of the finest in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Whether you need an extended warranty, an upgrade, or trouble shooting, Starboard Yacht Group is the certified Seakeeper service center to keep your stabilizer better than new.

Beyond installations, Starboard Yacht Group offers:

  • Annual Seakeeper Services
  • Seakeeper Repairs
  • Seakeeper Trade-ins
  • Extended Seakeeper Warranties
  • Water Pump Upgrades
  • Dry Box Upgrades

Never miss your annual Seakeeper service.

Seakeepers are designed to require minimal maintenance since their most critical components are in a sealed enclosure, but annual inspection and periodic service are always essential for any yacht stabilizer to ensure your experience remains extraordinary, and our experienced experts are trained to maintain every model from our Seakeeper dealership in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to select part replacements, annual services include:

  • Brake System Inspections
  • Cooling System Inspections
  • Electronic System Inspections
  • Mechanical & Foundational System Inspections

Seakeeper problems meet Starboard solutions.

As the most durable stabilizers on the market, Seakeeper issues are rare but if challenges ever arise, Starboard Yacht Group is equipped to address them. Whether you need a new seawater pump, freshwater pump, or drive box, Starboard has the expertise to make the upgrade. From diagnostics to repairs, Starboard keeps Seakeeper experiences extraordinary.

Upgrade with Seakeeper trade-ins.

If you care for your Seakeeper, it should last you for ages, but when you’re finally ready to upgrade, you can save your money and your peace of mind with a trade-in. Upgrade your system to the latest and greatest model offering. We’ll carefully modify your old vessel for your new Seakeeper. Every new system means a two-year warranty and newfound stability.

Extend your peace of mind with an extended warranty.

Keep your experience extraordinary with
Seakeeper maintenance, upgrades, and more.

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