Antifouling / Bottom Painting

Protect your vessel while keeping it pristine.

Antifouling makes extraordinary a possibility.

For regular yacht maintenance and repairs, Starboard Yacht Group has experienced coating specialists who apply critical antifouling coatings or bottom paints along with major paint, epoxy, metal, and hull lamination and coatings.

The advanced antifouling coatings used by Starboard can offer 12 to 24 months of antifouling protection based on maintenance, usage, and water conditions. Starboard also specializes in annual dry dock and haul out services as well as planning and managing yacht upgrades.

Minimize drag & damage. Maximize performance & protection.


Don’t let your asset get foul.

As wonderful as life in the water is, it can really take its toll on a hull. Marine growth is a fact of life for vessels, especially if the vessel is kept in the water for long periods of time. Antifouling is a type of paint applied to the bottom of a vessel, as well the exposed shaft and propellers. Biocide toxins are released from the paint, reducing marine growth and protecting your vessel’s bottom.

The protective antifouling or bottom painting process improves the efficiency of your propulsion system, minimizes fuel usage, and elevates performance, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Different antifouling coats for different boats.

While a larger investment often means greater protection, different antifouling coats pair better with certain boats. Selecting the correct bottom paint depends on the type of vessel, the materials it’s composed of, the desired finish, and, of course, your personal preference.

From aluminum to fiberglass, our experts protect vessels made from all different materials. From marine paint to gelcoat, we’re familiar with every finish your hull could ask for. And from metal coatings to high-performance coatings, we carry every type of bottom paint you should ever need.

Get the best antifouling coating for you.

Starboard Yacht Group is a
Certified Paint Applicator.

Starboard Yacht’s experienced professionals are certified by Seahawk, Interlux, Propspeed for antifouling in Fort Lauderdale, FL.