About Starboard Yacht Group

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As knowledge seekers, problem solvers, and forward thinkers,
Starboard Yacht Group is here to lead the way.

Because we look beyond the instructions
to go places no one else can.
Because we know that lasting transformations
require countless calculations.
And because we believe that passions
deserve to be protected

The Starboard Team

With expertise in all functional aspects of the yacht industry, the Starboard Yacht Group team transforms boating experiences through revolutionary yacht refits and upgrades.

Over our decades of experience, we’ve gathered a wealth of the finest craftsmen in every boating trade in existence from fiberglass to carpentry to mechanics. And we’ve brought them all to the yachting capital of the world—Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Each of our experts is trained in-house to look at every transformation from every perspective and put your experience before the ease of the job. As innovators, they uncover challenges you’d never know existed and constantly search for new ways to make improvements you never knew were possible.

Their standards for ethics, efforts, and experiences are unparalleled, and they are unwavering in their passion to enhance the extraordinary.

The Starboard Team


The Starboard Values


The truth is the answer

Transparency is vital to any valuable transformation. With the highest emphasis on our principles, we share our vast knowledge without hesitation or reservation so that people can make the best possible decisions for their boats and experiences.

Show you care

Creativity requires care. As boating is our passion, we recognize the value of the experience, but more than that, we recognize the value in people, because above all else, your people are the reason that your experience matters and our people are the products that make experiences extraordinary.

Give it your all

As we’re only as extraordinary as the experiences we create, we ensure each one is all it can be. And we know knowledge is all there is, so we gather all the expertise out there to lead the way. Minimize tradeoffs, as you maximize joy, comfort, safety, and value. Give every boat everything you can.

Willing to learn

Reject the status quo. Innovation demands openness to exploration. Even the most extraordinary practices, vessels, and experiences have the capacity to be more, and through careful analysis, we make them more. Evolve beyond the standard. Seek new ways to make what’s great even greater.

Think forward

With a comprehensive understanding of how boats breathe, we foresee the future challenges, possibilities, and needs of boat owners. And we explore every advancement in existence as well as those yet to exist, to steer yachting into the future.

Our extraordinary marinas

With convenient locations at Harbour Towne Marina and Lauderdale Marine Center, Starboard Yacht is primed to upgrade, refit, maintain, and transform yachts of any size and manufacturer. Plus, for select yacht services, we can meet you at almost any marina in Florida.

  • Located on the Dania Cutoff Canal
  • 613 dry storage spaces for boats up to 50’
  • 100-ton travel lift and yard
  • 24-hour security
  • On-site restaurant, a gym, and stunning views
  • Dry docking for over 100 vessels up to 485 tons
  • 485, 220, 145, 100, and 75-ton lifts
  • 24-hour security

Starboard Yacht Group Refit Center

3383 SW 11th Ave ,Bay B,
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33316
  • Small boat refit center (up to 50 ft on trailer)
  • Boat ground transportation service available
  • Short-term storage available for boats on trailer
  • 24 hours surveillance system

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