Always Possible, Never Simple

Seakeeper jobs are always more possible than you’d think, but never as simple as they seem. When we were first called upon to stabilize a premium vessel made by a major manufacturer, we naturally expected the interior of the boat to be as pristine as its exterior. But every time you open up or look beneath a boat, you find something different. In this instance— that something included a troubled bilge area, high water stains, air conditioning problems, and numerous other deficiencies.

Refits can shine a light on unknown unrelated damages, and when these issues inevitably arise, it takes significant experience, comprehensive knowledge, and vivid attention to detail to see the challenges that owners never do and which other technicians might overlook, leave unattended, or lack the expertise to rectify.

We recognize the need to know what needs to be done in every situation, and we look beyond stability to make sure that no problem is left unsolved. We won’t just masterfully refit your vessel, we’ll carefully examine it, and enhance it in ways you wouldn’t imagine. The results are always uniquely beneficial outcomes that would never have been achieved anywhere else, which in this case, included improvements in functionality, performance, air conditioning, and of course, stability. Without exception, Starboard Yacht Group will always leave your boat better than the day you bought it.