Antifouling and the Importance of Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

Antifouling and the Importance of Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re not going to keep up on yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, it’s not even worth investing in a boat. This is the stance that many seasoned yacht owners will take when they’re talking about the duties of owning a seafaring vessel and it’s a pinch of wisdom that any prospective yacht owner needs to heed.

Why is cleaning your yacht so important? The answer is simple: because each and every time it hits the water, it’s being exposed to detractors and damaging elements that are going to wear it down. Cleaning off these detractors means lengthening the life of your boat and preserving its form and function so you can have peace of mind on the water.

Understanding fouling

The number one thing you’ll need to protect your boat’s hull against—and the reason regular cleaning is important—is fouling. Fouling is the buildup of biomaterials that will eat away at your clear coat and paint, eventually leaving your hull exposed and at the mercy of saltwater and all of the damage it has the potential to cause.

Fouling occurs naturally while your boat is in the water and can range from a nearly-invisible glossy coating of mucus, to mildew, to barnacles in extreme cases!

Problems caused by fouling

As mentioned above, the chief problem that can arise if you’re not diligent when it comes to yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale is exposure of your boat’s hull to a dangerous environment: salt water. But this isn’t the only potential problem caused by fouling:

  • Bio growth on the hull of your boat is going to impede its ability to sail seamlessly in the water, thus leading to an increase in fuel consumption.
  • Fouling can block various intakes and ports if left to accumulate, which can perpetuate engine damage and other mechanical systems failure in your boat.
  • Your maintenance costs are going to skyrocket if fouling gets out of hand on your boat. The cost to remove and re-protect your hull is going to be astronomical!

Cleaning and protecting your boat

As you might have already guessed, the secret to combating fouling is to engage in regular and routine yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. Having your boat dry docked and properly cleaned to remove all bio growth means restoring the integrity of the hull to a benchmark of sustainability until the next cleaning.

But cleaning isn’t the only measure that can prevent fouling! Have your boat’s hull treated with antifouling paint or antifouling agents is a great way to add extra protection to the hull, to ensure your efforts to keep it clean and maintained are furthered. Along with this, having your clear coat regularly inspected and reapplied by a professional will add another layer of protection.

To make sure you’re not falling victim to the prolific and damaging effects of fouling on your yacht, make sure you’re keeping up with routine maintenance and cleanings! Visit Starboard Yacht Group LLC today to have your hull inspected and cleaned by a trained and knowledgeable professional, to restore its integrity and resilience.