Avoid Yacht Repair Due to Rain Damage

Avoid Yacht Repair Due to Rain Damage

Owning a boat is a tremendously rewarding hobby. You get the chance to enjoy cruising on the ocean and fishing right off of the side of your own boat. It does bring with it certain responsibilities, however, and knowing how to best care for your boat will help you get the most life out of it. This includes regular maintenance as well as protection.

While boats are born to go in the water, this does not mean that they are immune to water damage. Many people don’t realize that excessive rainwater can actually cause damage to a boat if it is not protected properly. If you leave your boat out in the rain, you could soon find yourself in need of yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

To keep your boat safe from the damaging effects of rain showers and thunderstorms in any season, try some of these simple tips:

  • Waxing: Waxing is a great habit to get into with your boat. Not only will it make it shine out on the water, but it keeps it safe from the elements, including UV rays, saltwater and rainwater. You should wax your boat every few weeks to make sure it has a thick base and only use soaps that will not strip the wax.
  • Tarp: Any boat owner looking to avoid yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL, should consider investing in a good tarp. A tarp can be placed over your boat whenever it is not in use. Your boat can be damages from overexposure to any type of weather, especially rain, and a tarp will help keep it safe.
  • Dry storage: If your boat might be sitting out in the rain for a long time, consider putting it into storage. Many boat companies offer dry storage where your boat will be secure and safe from the damaging effects of rain. Many of these storage options are available for short or long term use.
  • Cleaning: If your boat has gotten wet, don’t neglect to clean and dry it afterward. Use a gentle soap to clean off any mud or any other bits of debris that might have been kicked up during the storm. Then be sure to take the time to thoroughly dry the boat. When water is left standing, it can warp certain parts of the boat as well as affect its utility.

Keeping your boat in great condition requires you to pay close attention to the elements that could affect it, including sun and water damage. By committing yourself to taking a few steps when rain is coming, you can ensure the continued use of your boat for years to come.

If you do find yourself in need of yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL, due to rain damage or any other issues, consider calling Starboard Yacht Group, LLC at 954-376-5400. For years we have been repairing and servicing all different types of boats and we’re skilled in providing high quality service.