Boat Insurance Claims: Getting the Settlement You Deserve After Hurricane Irma

Boat Insurance Claims: Getting the Settlement You Deserve After Hurricane Irma

Weeks after Hurricane Irma hit our shores, communities across the Florida Peninsula are still reeling. Even though the storm is over, we now face the recovery, the rebuilding. The damage caused by Hurricane Irma is expected to cost the State of Florida over $50 billion, and insurance companies are already finding loopholes to put the brakes on incoming insurance claims.

Working with insurance companies in the wake of a major natural disaster like Hurricane Irma can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating. People are faced with mountains of paperwork and a bunch of red tape when all they want to do is get back to their normal lives. Although our team at Starboard Yacht Group LLC may not be able to help rebuild Florida, we can help rebuild your boat and work with you and your insurance company to help facilitate the process. If your boat was damaged in Hurricane Irma, here are a few steps you can take to help get your insurance claim processed faster and easier.

Protect your boat from further damage

Even if your boat has been severely damaged by Hurricane Irma and appears to be a total loss, it’s still important that you take any steps possible to prevent further damage. Most insurance companies will try not to cover anything that appears to have happened due to negligence on your part. By simply moving your boat or covering it with a tarp you can help ensure that all damage is covered and your claim is processed quickly.

Report your claim right away

Some people are afraid that their premiums will go up, worry that their claim will be less than their deductible or just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of an insurance claim in the midst of everything else going on. However, postponing reporting your claim can cause coverage issues and make it difficult for the insurance company to determine the cause, nature and extent of the claim. You can always withdraw your claim later if necessary.

Get an estimate

Unlike auto insurers that contract with mechanic shops, most boat insurance companies require that you find a reputable service for boat repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL on your own, and then report the estimate back to them. It’s important that you find a service you can trust because your settlement amount will depend on their estimate. At Starboard Yacht Group LLC, we have worked with a variety of insurance companies in the past and understand how to facilitate your claim and ensure that a comprehensive estimate is submitted to your insurance company.

Once your claim has been approved, the rest is easy. Bring your boat in to Starboard Yacht Group LLC and we will have it looking like new and sea-ready in no time. As a premium service for boat repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we’ve helped numerous boat owners and enthusiasts facilitate their insurance claims and get the settlements they deserve. To get an estimate for your boat insurance claim, call us today!