Can Gyro Stabilizers Help with Seasickness?

Can Gyro Stabilizers Help with Seasickness?

If you love boating and yachting, you’re likely eager to get out there every weekend. Nothing beats the fresh salty air and the peace and quiet of being out on the waves. Plus, you get to spend time with family and friends in this unique setting.

But one thing that may turn people off is seasickness. The nausea, light-headedness and vomiting associated with this can make going out on the ocean a chore.

But what if seasickness in Fort Lauderdale, FL became a thing of the past? That’s what gyro stabilizers like the Seakeeper are intended to do. Read on to find out more about how you can leave seasickness behind every time you climb aboard without the help of pharmaceuticals:

  • Boat roll: What leads to seasickness is what’s referred to as boat roll. This is when choppy waters cause the water to churn around the boat and rock it in a hard, side-to-side manner. This is a jarring motion, and is a leading cause of seasickness. However, this is where the gyro stabilizer comes in to counteract this physics phenomenon.
  • Gyro stabilizers: These state-of-the-art mechanisms are designed in part to eliminate seasickness. They’re capable of eliminating 95 percent of boat roll. They do this by going against those unsteady waves using a rotor moving around an axis. This results in pressure exerted around additional axes, creating a powerful gyroscopic torque to both sides of the boat, thereby eliminating boat roll. The basic idea is that it stabilizes the boat even in tough conditions.
  • Low energy consumption: Gyro stabilizers perform this function using only about half the power of the average air conditioner. They can be installed anywhere onboard and have no external parts that would act as a drag on the boat’s efficiency. On top of all this, they require minimal maintenance.
  • Say goodbye to seasickness symptoms: The end product of this is that boat riders no longer experience the fatigue, anxiety and nausea associated with seasickness. This is true whether you’re trolling, cruising or on anchor. Users have reported that they are amazed by the stabilizer’s effect, and that it makes boating a far more pleasant experience.

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