Cover Your Boat This Winter to Avoid Costly Boat Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Cover Your Boat This Winter to Avoid Costly Boat Repair in Fort Lauderdale

The likely reason you bought yourself a boat was because you enjoy going out on the water for a day of summer fun. Unfortunately, come fall and winter, you will usually stop sailing and begin preparing your boat in anticipation of the upcoming cold weather to keep it from sustaining damage while not in use. Once properly winterized, boat storage is the next step. But if you intend to store your boat at home this winter, then you should definitely not skip using a strong and sturdy cover to protect the vessel, both inside and outside.

If you are planning on home storage, here are some good cover options to avoid costly boat repair in Fort Lauderdale this winter.


Many people store their boats on their own property. Maybe a professional storage facility is not an option, or perhaps keeping it close by puts their minds at ease. Whatever your reason for choosing home boat storage, make sure you use a recommended outdoor cover option. For a relatively simple solution, tie a thick tarp around the entirety of the boat and weigh it down on the bottom with something heavy, like big pieces of lumber. Tarps are inexpensive and provide proper airflow while covered to prevent mold and mildew from forming. In addition to using a tarp, consider protecting it further from the winter elements with a metal carport cover.


Whether you hire someone to construct a canvas-covered wood frame or you build one yourself, know it can be broken down at the end of the cold season and reused the next winter—but only as long as it’s structurally strong and study and made of quality materials. This cover option consists of a canvas tarp, as well as extra padding, that are shaped to form around your boat. Building a good canvas and frame does take a bit of time to complete, yet the payoff is well worth the amount of initial effort—after all, you will have a customized, reusable protective cover for your boat for many more years to come.


Perfect for using on your boat during the offseason, a trained boat shrink-wrapping company can ensure that the plastic allows for a good amount of ventilation. This means that a proper shrink-wrapping job can effectively protect your stored boat against mildew and weather damage over the winter months. What this method entails is applying a thin plastic film around the boat frame. Then, to get it on nice and snug, a heat gun is used to shrink the film. Unlike a canvas cover, shrink-wrap is not reusable, but it is recyclable.

The harsh winter weather can take a nasty toll on water vessels that are left unprotected or inadequately stored—don’t take your boat out next summer only to find out it has acquired damage or become riddled with mold. For yacht storage suggestions or boat repair in Fort Lauderdale, don’t hesitate to give the knowledgeable team at Starboard Yacht Group LLC a call today.