DIY Tips for Cleaning the Outside of Your Yacht in Fort Lauderdale

DIY Tips for Cleaning the Outside of Your Yacht in Fort Lauderdale

Having regular professional yacht cleaning is important, but you must also maintain it yourself on a consistent basis during the times it is not in for professional services. This is especially necessary for yacht owners living and sailing in Florida: one of the toughest environments for boating due to year-round weather and the elements of sun and salt. Be sure to stay up on much needed at home external yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale with these do-it-yourself tips!

Take the weather into account: It can get very sunny in Florida throughout the year. If the sun is bright and beating down on your boat cleaning area, move quick! Have an action plan to clean fast, so the soap and water beads don’t set-in. Watch the weather forecast and wash your boat during non-peak times earlier or later in the day on those hot or sunny days. It’s a good idea to have fast-drying chemicals handy so that your finished clean doesn’t look sub-par due to sun spots or water marks.

Hose off first: Like washing your car at home, always hose off your boat entirely before running a cleaning brush over it. A pre-hosing sprays away debris that can potentially scratch surfaces when a brush or cloth runs over it. Brushes can snag even the smallest residue particles, so it’s important to remove them from the equation entirely with a quick rinse. Make sure that you dry your yacht immediately after a thorough rinsing so that unsightly spotting does not occur.

Choosing the right soap: Since your marine vessel will be sailing in the open waters, choose an environmentally friendly soap specifically for boats. It is important that the soap be biodegradable, have a neutral ph factor and be able to completely remove corrosive salt build-ups. Read the cleaning product’s material labels or check with a local Fort Lauderdale yacht service for professional advice on picking out cleaning products that are both environmentally friendly and effective.

Cleaning windows: There are three main steps to quickly and effectively clean your yacht’s windows inside and out. 1) For a simple glass cleaner that is also gentle on the environment, combine water and vinegar to create a cleaning solution. 2) Use a soft window blade, squeegee, to pull away water on glass. 3) Use a non-abrasive and soft cloth to wipe away remaining water after you have used a squeegee.

Protect your Yacht’s metal: Keep the stainless steel and chrome shiny and looking new by applying a quality cleaner. Most require only a thin layer to be applied, let sit for 15 to 30 minutes, then a clean soft cloth to wipe them off. To prevent pitting and oxidization, consider applying a quality wax sealer or protectant to guard against the harsh Fort Lauderdale elements.

Being a yacht owner can be fun and exciting. For years of boating enjoyment, don’t forget to keep it properly clean and maintained!