Essential First Aid and Safety Items for Every Yacht

Essential First Aid and Safety Items for Every Yacht

If you own a yacht, there are certain tasks that are essential for proper yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Did you know this includes having first aid and safety items on board? Every yacht owner must properly stock his boat with the items necessary to protect and treat those aboard.

What are these items? Use the following checklist to ensure your yacht has the right safety items available for your next voyage:

  • First aid kit: This may seem obvious, but don’t forget the basic first aid kit. Make sure it includes sunscreen and a pair of scissors for creating bandages. Store this in a secure location that is easy to access in an emergency. Don’t forget to refresh it each season to replace any used or expired items.
  • Signal tools: Do you have a way to signal other boats to inform them of your presence? This is required of all yachts. You must be able to alert others with sound. Your signal can be a bell, air horn or whistle. These are used in cases of poor visibility, and can also be brought with you into the water in case of a rescue situation to signal searchers of your presence. Many yachts are also equipped with a radio beacon that provides a signal to indicate the boat’s position for rescue vessels.
  • Dry bags: In today’s world of technology, it’s likely you’ll be bringing items on board that are not waterproof. Equip your yacht with zip lock or dry bags to store these items. These will prove especially helpful if you end up using your life raft to make it back to shore.
  • Fire safety equipment: Your yacht should be equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Check your alarm batteries once a month to ensure this alert system is operational. Make sure everyone on board knows how to operate the fire extinguisher.
  • Life jackets: Personal flotation devices for everyone on board are non-negotiable items. In addition to the proper number of life jackets, make sure they are the right type. These products come in a variety of sizes and types for different people and water temperatures. Additionally, you must make sure everyone on board knows where these are stored and how to put them on.
  • Propulsion backup: Are you prepared if your motor goes out? Unless you’re a well-trained Jedi, you’ll need more than the Force to get back to shore. Always keep a propulsion alternative aboard. This should include a backup for the boat as well as the passengers. If you have a motor, include oars. If you have a sail, a motor or oars is a good backup. You should also have a life raft to move the people if the main vessel can’t travel and you need to evacuate.

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