Go Beyond Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale: Tips for Preparing to Put Your Boat up for Sale

Go Beyond Yacht Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale: Tips for Preparing to Put Your Boat up for Sale

Selling your yacht is like selling any previously owned motor vehicle; it’s important to make sure it still works, looks nice and has years left in it. Also, many boats have electrical components and mechanical equipment, which means your plans should include more than yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale—namely, washing and waxing. Its condition must be good both inside and out if you want it to stand out from all the other used boats that are on the market.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you prepare to put your boat up for sale.

Remove your personal belongings

A lot of boats out there are considered second homes. For this reason, a boat owner is likely to personalize their boat with things like furnishings, window treatments, artwork and family photos, as well as fill cabinets with their favorite health and beauty products. You want potential buyers to be able to envision the boat as theirs, so the first step is to remove all your personal belongings.

When you remove all your possessions and stored items, you’re not only de-cluttering the boat—you can now see areas that need further cleaning. Additionally, doing so will open up the boat, making it look larger. This also saves you from hearing the question, “Does this come with the boat?” In other words, if you plan on reusing that expensive aftermarket GPS system or kitchen appliance in your new boat, remove it from the one you’re preparing to sell!

Throw away garbage

Picking up and throwing out garbage that’s aboard your yacht should be a given. But many humans are pack rats, which leads to all sorts of trash being stashed all over the yacht. Grab a garbage bag and start picking up junk, starting on the inside and working your way out to the deck.

Inside, check every drawer, cabinet and locker, and look underneath furniture and counters for debris. You’ll probably find used paper towels and food wrappers, but you must also make sure there’s no rotting food or wet clothing hiding anywhere, as these things cause foul odors—not a great selling point! Along with trashing empty cans of boat oil and lubricants, clear inside and outside bins of old, broken boat parts you meant to through away.

Make repairs

Whether your boat has minor dings or major cosmetic problems, the reality is that you are going to have a difficult time selling a boat that is in need of costly repairs—unless your boat is one-of-a-kind or priced right to move. The best thing to do is take it in to a boat repair shop for a thorough inspection of the entire craft. Better yet, after an inspection and assessment, leave it there to have repairs made, if that is what you want to do.

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