How a Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer Can Add Value to Your Boat or Yacht

How a Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer Can Add Value to Your Boat or Yacht

If you’re involved in the boating or yachting scene, you’ve probably heard of the Seakeeper gyro stabilizer. Those who love the water but suffer from seasickness or anxiety find it to be incredible for alleviating symptoms. The Seakeeper is designed to eliminate up to 95 percent of all boat roll, and works in all sea conditions. There are multiple options to choose from—if your boat is over 27 feet, you should be able to find a model that works for you.

With the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show coming up soon, you might be in the market to buy or sell a vessel. Adding one of these boat parts in Fort Lauderdale, FL before or after the sale can greatly increase the value of your investment!

How the Seakeeper gyro stabilizer works

Seakeepers use a flywheel system to produce torque that works with sea conditions to smooth out the ride. The angular momentum it produces helps keep the boat feeling stable, even when the waters are choppy. The flywheel adapts to the direction the waves are rolling, and applies momentum in the opposite direction. This force counteracts the rocking motion that can induce seasickness, and makes the boat feel up to 95 percent steadier. Compare this technology with classic fins—they produce somewhat similar results, but the motion is jerky and can be almost as unpleasant as the rocking.

Here’s a closer look at how the Seakeeper can add value to your boat:

  • More expensive: Anytime you add an upgrade—especially a useful one—to your boat, you’re increasing its value. Even if you or your prospective buyers don’t suffer from seasickness, having a smoother ride is undeniably beneficial to everyone who might venture on board. You’ll be able to ask for a higher price.
  • More desirable: If your boat already has a Seakeeper gyro stabilizer, it will appear more desirable to buyers. Don’t underestimate the power of instant gratification—the Seakeeper can take up to several weeks to install, and new boat owners will be chomping at the bit to get their new craft out on the water as soon as possible.
  • Sell your boat faster: When your boat already has a gyro stabilizer like the Seakeeper, it will help owners and brokers alike sell the vessel faster, and for more money. There are many boats out there, so giving yours a competitive edge is key to making a great deal.
  • Make a Seakeeper add-on part of your boat’s sale: Even if you don’t already have a Seakeeper installed on your yacht or boat, you can make it a condition or optional add-on to the sale! That’s where Starboard Yacht Group LLC comes in—we’ll handle the installation and inspection so you and your buyer both end up happy.

Seakeeper installation and yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Starboard Yacht Group LLC is an authorized dealer of the Seakeeper gyro stabilization system in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us today to see how you too can benefit from the science behind Seakeeper!