How to Help Hurricane Irma Victims

How to Help Hurricane Irma Victims

This past week, Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean Sea and across the Florida peninsula, causing havoc and devastation. As the region continues to recover, it is already bracing for the possible impact of Hurricane Jose. Some parts of the state are experiencing lengthy power outages, and many Floridians are still unable to return home.

As the premier provider of yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale, we are saddened by the losses experienced by many of our community members. We are confident, however, in Florida’s ability to rebuild and rebound.

If you are wondering how you can help community members affected by Hurricane Irma, here are just a few suggestions:

  • Volunteer: If you have the time to aid in the relief efforts yourself, reach out to Volunteer Florida to learn about any potential volunteering opportunities that may be available at active evacuation shelters across the state. Governor Rick Scott told Good Morning America that he is in need of an additional 10,000 volunteers to help with the recovery.
  • Donate to individuals: Many residents are taking to sites such as GoFundMe to help their own personal recovery journeys. If your friend or acquaintance has been affected by Hurricane Irma, contributing to their online recovery fund could be a great way to assist someone that you already know and care for.
  • Help relief organizations: A wide variety of relief organizations are working in Florida to aid with the recovery effort, which is expected to take months or years in some areas. You can aid these organizations by donating money. Sending cash donations to groups such as UNICEF and Americares is a great way to help recovery across the Caribbean.
  • Host an evacuee: AirBnB, a popular couch-surfing site, is allowing registered hosts to open up their homes to those who’s houses were destroyed or made inaccessible by the storm. If you have the space, you can register to host with AirBnB, which will connect you with evacuees in need of temporary shelter.
  • Help non-human victims: Dogs, cats and other pets across the state are now displaced due to the hurricane. This means that animal aid groups are also in need of financial support. You can help the furry friends who were separated from their families by the storm by donating to groups like the ASPCA and the Best Friends Animal Society.

Hurricane Irma caused a substantial amount of economic damage in South Florida, and yacht owners may be wondering how they can preserve and repair their investments. If your boat suffered damage in the storm, working with a qualified provider of yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale is the best way to ensure that your assets are returned to their original value.

Starboard Yacht Group LLC is proud to have been an active member of the Fort Lauderdale community for nearly a decade. We are wishing our fellow Floridians a speedy recovery as they attempt to rebuild from any damages that may have been caused by Hurricane Irma. If your boat was damaged in the storm, we can assist you as you make it seaworthy once again. We are the premier providers of yacht repair in Fort Lauderdale.