How to Maintain Your Boat Through April Showers and Salty Seas

How to Maintain Your Boat Through April Showers and Salty Seas

Every boat owner knows the importance of routine maintenance. Failing to maintain a boat can turn your prized possession into a major headache. When it comes to maintenance, most boat owners immediately think of the engine, but few people realize the importance of taking care of the overall body of the boat. Especially in this part of the country, your boat is subjected to both April showers and the salty seas, which can easily cause significant damage to the body of your boat. If you are curious to learn more about how regular boat maintenance, such as yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, can help keep your boat in top shape for years to come, read ahead.

Salt water can be the greatest enemy of keeping your boat in good condition. Remember that salt water is extremely corrosive, and while the body of your boat or yacht is protected as part of the manufacturing process, routine maintenance is needed to keep that protection strong. There are certain steps you can take to properly clean and protect your boat, or you can hire a service to help you with professional yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. Either way, if you simply ignore the damaging effects of salt water, then you can quickly ruin your boat’s appearance, and actually cause damage that is very expensive and sometimes impossible to repair.

Understanding the cleaning process

After spending some time out on the water, it is important to run through a boat or yacht cleaning process once you’re back at shore. It may add a little time to your day, or a small expense if you use professional yacht cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, but the small cost is worth it when compared to the damage that could otherwise occur.

The first step to remember is to flush out your engine to ensure its internal components are not damaged by salt water. Next, it is time to give the outside of the yacht a good cleaning. The trick is to start with a light stream of water to allow the salt to gently run off. After a good rinse, you can turn up the water pressure to really clean the outside of the boat. Use a soft soap and good cleaning tools to prevent scratches or any other damage. Once the boat has dried, you can always buy some waxes or other protective agents to give the paint some added protection. These products are generally inexpensive and are almost always worth using.

The next step is to inspect all the metal components on the boat or yacht, including the interior where you might assume salt water has not reached. Simply applying some WD-40 or other spray lubricant onto a wax pad or towel, and then applying it onto the metal, is a great way to prevent rusting. Ignoring this step can easily lead to rust on nearly every metal component. Once you are done cleaning and applying protective agents to the metal, now you can properly seal off your boat for the next time you use it. To make life much easier, consider using a professional yacht cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale to keep your boat in great shape.