Hurricane Season Is Here! Make Sure You Have a Plan in Place for Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

Hurricane Season Is Here! Make Sure You Have a Plan in Place for Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

If you reside in a coastal area in the Eastern United States, then you are undoubtedly familiar with hurricanes and hurricane-like weather. This year, hurricanes are likely to form anytime between June 1 and November 30, with or seemingly without warning.

Definition of a hurricane

A hurricane is a storm that produces violent winds that are extreme in nature. Classified as a tropical storm or cyclone, this particular type of storm system is characterized by its high-powered circular wind patterns. A hurricane can be minimal or massive in size, and can grow quickly from a small into a large storm.

What is a boat hurricane preparedness plan?

Much like having a plan in place to keep you and your family safe in the event of a hurricane, you want to prepare your yacht to survive a storm as well. It’s not cheap to own a boat, so it needs to be cared for and protected from the elements to the best of your abilities—whether you store it on your property or at a dock, marina or boat storage facility.

Here are a few basic tips to help ensure you have a plan in place for important yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale this hurricane season:

  • Prep your yacht: It’s important that you create a complete hurricane prep checklist to have on hand during every hurricane season. Your checklist should include securing the locks on windows, doors, hatches and any other fixtures that can open to the outside, and inspecting seals to ensure your boat is watertight. Make sure to turn off the water and electricity, and pump the bilges and empty the sewage holding tanks. Also, it’s crucial that you clean boat filters and remove debris buildup and other obstructions from bilges so storm water can flow out.
  • Choose a safe marina or storage facility: If storing your boat at a marina, see that sea level for the location is on high ground. Check that the boat storage racks are newer and that the docks appear durable. The presence of tall pilings on floating docks is a good sign, while wider pilings are better for fixed docks. Ask the marina if their docks are built to withstand hurricane force winds and violent waves.
  • Ensure its safety in the water: Storing your yacht in the water at a dock means you must take extra measures to ensure it doesn’t get swept away. Pull it comfortably against the harbor, secure it with bumper padding and use extra storm lines.
  • Clean and inspect after a storm: Should your boat end up out in a hurricane, inspect and clean it soon after, but be wary of downed electrical lines, wildlife and fluid leaks on or near the boat. Remove debris. Throw away obvious garbage, and save reusable materials.

Whether you are in need of regular yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale or want a professional to assess your boat to make sure it’s prepared for the current hurricane season, you can count on the experts at Starboard Yacht Group LLC to do a thorough job. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!