Keep Your Hull in Great Condition with Professional Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

Keep Your Hull in Great Condition with Professional Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

The hull of your ship is responsible for keeping it buoyant and providing a watertight seal between the outside and the inside of your boat. Because of its immense importance to the safety and function of your ship, keeping your hull in great condition through maintenance and service should be a top priority for any boat owner. Investing in proper care for your hull and other necessary yacht services in Fort Lauderdale can mean increased longevity for your boat and a lower chance of any major problems occurring.

Focus on preventative maintenance and regular inspections

One way that you can prevent hull damage is by focusing on the layers of paint and wax that are applied to your boat. Not all bottom paints for boats are created equal, and some might be better for your boat than others. It is worth it to research different paint types and determine the best selection for your needs based on the type of boat you have, when and where you use it and how fast it moves through the water.

Once you have determined the right paint for your hull, make sure to protect its luster with a proper wax. Wax shouldn’t be applied after your boat’s shine is already gone; it is a product that should be use to consistently maintain a glossy appearance for your ship’s hull. When you choose a wax for your hull, consider that liquid waxes, while they do add an impressive gloss level at first, are not as durable or long lasting as paste waxes.

Another important choice you have to make when it comes to treating your hull is what kind of sealant you want to use. There is a seemingly endless selection of sealants and caulks available for purchase at marine centers and boating stores, but your choice depends mainly on what components you are sealing. If you are not using sealant on any plastic components and you might need to separate the seal later on, you should use polysulfide. For binding plastics, silicone and polyurethane are going to be the right option.

Since your ship’s hull will likely spend a good majority of its time underneath the water line, you have to be vigilant of any damage that could be caused from prolonged exposure to water. While boats are designed to withstand exposure to a wide variety of external elements, you should always be vigilant of any potential damage to your boat, especially as it ages. Regularly inspect your boat and check for any corrosion or other signs of disrepair. If you find anything that indicates damage or other issues, you should seek out yacht services in Fort Lauderdale right away to address any problems.

Seek out professional yacht services

For assistance with hull maintenance and protection, as well as with other yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, Starboard Yacht Group LLC is here to help. We have been helping a variety of clients keep their yacht in the best condition possible, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you enjoy your vessel for years to come. Contact us today to learn more!