Keep Your Vessel Looking Great with These Five Fantastic Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

Keep Your Vessel Looking Great with These Five Fantastic Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

You want your yacht to be in tip-top shape all year, and no one understands yacht care and maintenance like Starboard Yacht Group LLC. We treat our customers like family, and work hard to make sure they are safe, comfortable and happy every time they set foot on their watercraft. We offer a broad range of services, so whatever your needs may be, we can help. Here are five fantastic yacht services in Fort Lauderdale that are available through Starboard Yacht Group LLC to make your yachting experience amazing.


Sometimes your boat just needs a thorough detailing to get it back in pristine shape. Starboard Yacht Group LLC can get your boat back to brand new in no time, thanks to our full suit of detailing services. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Lower deck carpet cleaning
  • Canvas waterproofing
  • Stripe repair
  • Touchup painting

When it comes to yachts, appearance is everything, and that’s why we take care to inspect and treat every detail. We’ll have your boat restored to its former beauty and receiving countless compliments in no time!

Coating and refinishing

Florida is the ideal place to enjoy fishing, swimming and just plain relaxing on your yacht. Unfortunately, having your boat out on the water can cause serious damage, especially to its fiberglass and paint. Some of our excellent yacht services in Fort Lauderdale include painting, refinishing and gel coating, which is good to know when you’re wondering about how to get your yacht looking nice again!

We’ll help you reverse damage to your craft and enhance its appearance, so don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as you see signs of wear. The sooner we can treat your yacht, the better off you’ll both be.

Deck treatments

Decks are especially important for a yacht; they can greatly enhance its beauty, or make it look dull, depending on their quality and condition. From varnished or teak surfaces to carpet, Starboard Yacht Group LLC’s crews are skilled at restoration services for all types of situations. Plus, we treat each boat as if it were our own, which means your yacht will receive top care, without suffering any accidental damage in the process.

Regular maintenance

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of repairs or specialized work—you just need your yacht to be properly maintained. At Starboard Yacht Group LLC, we know how to keep all types of boats in great shape. Our unbeatable knowledge and skill ensure your yacht gets premium treatment at a competitive price.

Upholstery and canvas

In addition to an excellent deck and paint job, a large part of a beautiful yacht comes from its canvas and upholstery. Each yacht reflects its owner’s character and style, and we know how to create a sophisticated environment for your boat, using the best materials. If your boat needs a makeover, look no further than Starboard Yacht Group LLC.

Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do to keep your vessel in great shape with high quality yacht services in Fort Lauderdale!