Leave Refueling to the Professionals

Leave Refueling to the Professionals

Many new yacht owners commit a cardinal amateur error: refueling their own yacht. It should be simple right? Just like filling up your car or even a smaller boat, so the thinking often goes. The reality though, is that it’s much more complicated to refuel your Fort Lauderdale yacht than just pulling up to a tank and throwing your credit card in. However much a yacht may seem like a toy that you own, maintaining and refueling your yacht is a serious matter and your best bet is to leave it to the professionals.

If you haven’t tried to refill your own yacht, yet still think you would be able to do it, just answer these following questions:

  • Are you sure you know how to properly dock a yacht prior to refueling it?
  • Do you know how much fuel your yacht holds relative to how much is already in it?
  • Should you fill the tank all the way or leave some extra room for expansion?
  • Is that definitely the right type of fuel you are about to throw in your beautiful—and might we add very expensive—new yacht?

If you’ve had trouble answering any of these questions, then take the time to find a professional yacht refueling service in Fort Lauderdale so you can avoid a costly mistake.

Yacht refueling is definitely more complicated than filling up your ordinary car or smaller boat. Before refueling, a professional will know how to best dock and secure your yacht so refueling is a safe process. The professional will know everything there is to know about your yachts fueling system, such as the capacity for fuel storage, and the manufacturers recommendation on how much to fill the tank. Before fueling, your refueling service professional will also know how to correctly shut everything down on the yacht to ensure a safe refueling experience.

Even better, professionals won’t accidently put the wrong type of fuel in your yacht’s tank or spill extra fuel. Spilling extra fuel is easy since boat refueling stations pump at a much faster rate than average gas pumps. Further, professionals understand the best type of no-spill devices to use. This prevents fuel all over your yacht, and just as important, fuel ending up in the water. As an added benefit, once your tank is filled, the professional will clean the area, ventilate properly for safety, and even physically inspect aspects of your fueling system. Their training also helps them detect possible fuel leaks, or whether inadequate ventilation means you shouldn’t start your engine for a while. As they often say, the devil is in the details, and any yacht owner will tell you, when it comes to problems with your yacht’s fuel system, this saying is definitely true.

If you’ve already learned the hard way, or have a new yacht sitting in Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful waters, contact a professional for yacht refueling services in Fort Lauderdale to make filling up an easy experience that doesn’t end in a headache.