Make the Most of the Starboard Yacht Group App

Make the Most of the Starboard Yacht Group App

Yacht services in Fort Lauderdale have just become much easier with the introduction of the Starboard Yacht Group phone application. This easy app download is a must have for yacht owners as it provides a wide range of services, all through a couple easy steps at the tip of your fingers. Never before have yacht owners and yacht services in Fort Lauderdale been so easily connected—read ahead about the many benefits this app can provide.

Service at the tip of your finger

Starboard Yacht Group’s new phone application offers an abundance of useful services for any yacht owner. One of best services this easy to use application provides is quick scheduling ability. No longer will you have to get on the phone to schedule any number of yacht services in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you need an appointment or consultation service, you can now do your scheduling right from your phone application.

Sometimes, as a yacht owner, it can be easy to forget about when your yacht needs maintenance, or when you have already scheduled an appointment for routine maintenance. Your phone can now be your own secretary, reminding you when you have appointments or informing you when your yacht is need of service. If service updates are necessary, your application can even let you know this without you having to pick up your phone for a phone call!

Scheduling and maintenance isn’t the only thing this new phone application will help out with. Yacht problems can occur at any time and often happen in the worst of places. Occasionally, you might be out of town and need something done with your yacht but can’t seem to find the right phone number. This useful application stores all the necessary contact information you will need as a yacht owner, and through the application, you can contact staff members nearly at any time with almost any request. Makes life pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Making each voyage a great one

A great day on your yacht often depends on the right kind of weather. By relying on the best technology and sources, Starboard Yacht Group can help you know what the weather will be, right from your useful application, all to help you have the best yachting experience possible. This application makes weather gathering information easier than ever, so you know exactly what to expect before heading down to the dock.

Who would have thought too, that your phone application can actually save you money? Starboard Yacht Group plans on offering great coupons for yacht services in Fort Lauderdale right through your phone’s application! This yacht company loves earning your loyalty by providing top quality services at great prices, and by downloading this easy to use application, you can save even more money in the process.

Let this phone application be your personal secretary, dedicated to making your yacht owning experience as wonderful as possible. By helping out with scheduling and maintenance, weather and coupons, you couldn’t ask for a better way to make yacht owning easier than ever. Consider downloading it today to get you started on yacht owning made easy—best of all, it’s free!