Managing Your Fuel with Fluid Level Sensors

Managing Your Fuel with Fluid Level Sensors

Fuel management is always a big concern for yacht owners. It can be difficult for boat owners to determine exactly what their usable fuel levels are on board, even when they have fluid level sensors in place. Fortunately, Starboard Yacht Group LLC is working with Nautic Alert to resolve this issue, and we are currently testing a variety of hardware solutions that will make it easier than ever for yacht owners to manage their fuel.

Here’s some information about the work Nautic Alert performs in conjunction with our yacht service in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

About Nautic Alert X2

Nautic Alert X2 is the most advanced monitoring, safety, security and tracking system that’s ever been developed for the yacht industry. It’s been designed to give yacht owners and operators the earliest possible detection for any potential security issues, as well as greater controls for onboard and remote use.

The system is an MTC-E, which means “monitoring, tracking, control and edge-based” for early detection. Unlike other types of similar products you’ll find on the market, Nautic Alert doesn’t only report sensor data. It’s also able to learn, analyze and make decisions based on data that’s been measured with the use of its onboard processing engine. Any time you get an alert from Nautic Alert X2, you’re going to have all the time and data you need about the alerted event to be able to react and respond appropriately.

The system was designed by an avid boating enthusiast and a former IBM employee who had significant experience in critical server development. The kinds of technology it brought to the market had never before been seen in marine applications, and has been engineered to be as precise and potent as possible. The system continues to be updated with a variety of new systems requested by boaters, customers and charter boat companies.

X2 contains an emergency/SOS interface as well as a personal transmitter that can act as an MOB device, or work from close-by beaches to notify GEOS global emergency responses with easily verifiable message delivery. The system comes complete with two-way text messaging and positional redundancy, and also easily complements Nautic Alert’s cloud solutions to extend positional intelligence. Compare this to many other life-saving technologies in boats, which rely on one-way satellite communications—the X2 provides significantly better communication with these two-way capabilities.

In addition, the X2 features the very first SMART bilge controller that replaces floats from above the waterline. It is capable of detecting just about any issue that could arise in the bilge as soon as a problem develops, which can save boat owners weeks to months of time before high water. It can even auto-switch pumps as needed, which is a game-changer for boaters and boating insurance companies alike.

These are just some examples of the work being performed by Nautic Alert. The company is working hard on fuel management solutions that will revolutionize boat ownership forever. To learn more about how Starboard Yacht Group LLC is partnering with Nautic Alert, get in touch with our yacht service in Fort Lauderdale, FL today.