Need a Weekend Reboot? Five Ways Sailing Solo Can  Improve Your Health

Need a Weekend Reboot? Five Ways Sailing Solo Can Improve Your Health

You’re diligent in caring for your yacht, top to bottom, inside and out. You even seek out the best yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, FL to ensure that your boat is always in prime sailing condition. Now don’t forget to enjoy it from time to time, because there’s so much more to owning your watercraft than just admiring its beauty. On your next free weekend, take your yacht out on the water to give yourself a much needed mental and physical reboot. Here are five healthy breaks to take advantage of while sailing solo:

  • Relax your body: Many of us are way too tense. Between stressful work environments and tiring personal lives, we’ve become accustomed to the resulting physical and mental strains. But sailing off on your yacht by yourself to escape life’s demands can be the beginning of getting that relaxation you so desperately need. Find a good spot out on the water, stop, lie back and breathe.
  • Reset your brain: There’s not much better than giving your brain some time off to reset. On a solo trip, no one is around to disrupt your resetting process. Consider meditation. Basic meditation simply calls for sitting in a comfortable position—up on the deck, since you’re on a boat—with or without calming music or a mantra. Anyway, focusing on the rhythmic movement of the water underneath you may be enough to clear your busy mind.
  • Reflect on your life in peace: There’s likely not a single person under the sun who wouldn’t love to be left in peace every once in awhile. After all, self-reflection is a healthy break from asking others their thoughts about aspects of your life. So, if the only way for you to be alone is to launch your yacht on the weekend, do it. Sometimes all it takes is reflecting with zero distractions to understand how your life is going.
  • Rejoice in nature: The sounds of nature, the smell of the salty sea air, the beautiful landscape in the distance—because nature does not judge, it’s the perfect tool to reboot, especially when you are on a journey to reclaim your healthy self. Add a bit of sunshine mixed with fresh air and refreshing water to take a dip in, and you’ve got a natural remedy to boost your wellbeing.
  • Refuse technology: Aside from the electronics installed in your yacht, like radios, GPS and lights, leave all electronics at home. Computers, televisions, cell phones, tablets and other digital devices have one thing in common—they emanate harmful artificial blue light from their screens. Technology cannot be completely avoided in our daily lives, so take this as an opportunity to let your eyes rest from all the screen time they get during the week.

Ready to transform yourself into the happier and healthier person you know you can be? Setting out for a day of solo sailing may be just the reboot you need! As a part of your plans, make sure your vessel is in good working order with the help of Starboard Yacht Group LLC’s specially yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, FL.