Our Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL Now Include Seakeeper Installations!

Our Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL Now Include Seakeeper Installations!

That’s right. Your local provider of yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, FL now specializes in Seakeeper installations. These amazing devices can transform your boating experience.

Are you unfamiliar with this must-have boat accessory? Read on for the scoop.

What is a Seakeeper?

A Seakeeper is an anti-roll gyroscope. It eliminates up to 95 percent of boat roll for vessels 27’ and larger. This amazing technology stabilizes your boat for a smooth ride.

How does a Seakeeper work?

The Seakeeper features several key components that result in top performance. A flywheel spins at up to 557 miles per hour. This generates enough force to prevent boat roll. When the boat rolls, the gyro tilts to generate torque that counteracts the movement, keeping the boat still, despite the rolling waters.

A vacuum encapsulation protects components from the elements, reduces power requirements by 50 percent and reduces flywheel weight by 66 percent. A patented cooling system allows the flywheel to spin at high rates while maintaining a small and light package. The Seakeeper is controlled by smart technology that gauges the state of the waters and reacts appropriately to provide optimal performance in all conditions.

Will a Seakeeper work for my boat?

Most likely, yes! Seakeeper offers a complete line of anti-roll gyros for recreational and commercial use. Each line offers several models for different sized vessels. If you are buying a boat or would like a retrofit, simply contact your yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, FL to find the right Seakeeper for your boat and arrange for installation.

Why would I want a Seakeeper?

If a device can eliminate 95 percent of boat roll, that’s a pretty good reason to add this feature to your vessel! Your passengers will lose their green look and start enjoying the beautiful blue sea. You’ll enjoy your time on the water more due to smoother voyages. Plus, the Seakeeper is lightweight, requires minimal electrical power and can be installed almost anywhere on your boat.

How do I know it will work?

Seakeeper has customized their products based on specific boat needs. They have developed a Seakeeper Mobile App that records sea trials on their installations. This has resulted in an extensive database that Seakeeper has used to track the real-life performance of hundreds of installations. Based on this data, they assure consumers that their product eliminates up to 95 percent of boat roll every time.

Who can install my Seakeeper?

The professional team at Starboard Yacht Group LLC now specializes in Seakeeper installation. Our experts will help you create a stable, enjoyable boat ride for yourself and your guests.

Stop the Roll

Are you ready to upgrade your boating experience? If you’re considering adding a Seakeeper to your vessel, contact our experienced technicians. Starboard Yacht Group LLC brings a deeper understanding of boat mechanics to the table in order to properly and thoroughly service your yacht from top to bottom, and every subsystem in between. We offer the right information, the right parts and the right employees to maintain your yacht to its highest degree of safety and functionality. Call us today to learn more about Seakeeper installation and our other yacht services in Fort Lauderdale, FL!