Own Your Yacht: Don’t Let It Own You

Own Your Yacht: Don’t Let It Own You

Yachts are like any other mechanical device—they age, break at the worst times, and given their initial cost, can end up being a burden instead of a joy. If you know more about what typically goes wrong with a yacht, and ways to prevent these things, then you can own your yacht, instead of allowing it to own you.

Boaters insurance is expensive. The primary reason for this is that tens of thousands of boats sink every year, often times while sitting at the dock. While this is more common in smaller boats, due to poor hull design, this can also happen to larger boats such as yachts as well.

While this is a worst-case scenario, an educated yacht owner should also know about an array of other common problems a yacht may be subject to. Battery problems are common, often requiring replacement at the worst times. Electrical components might also break, affecting anything from gauges and sound systems to lights or ignition. Unless you’re an expert yacht mechanic in Fort Lauderdale, chances are, you won’t be able to pinpoint these problems before they become full blown catastrophes.

Leaks also are a cause for concern. A less severe example might be window leaks: a common annoyance caused by not practicing simple maintenance. Deck leaks are also not unheard of on yachts. Leaks are often a byproduct of a more serious issue: corrosion, which can wreak havoc on your investment if left unchecked. Corrosion happens due to everything from salt water and sun to inadequate cleaning. Preventative measures can be undertaken to never have to deal with it, but if corrosion starts, it will take a lot of time and money to fix it.

Without getting too technical, other areas that will inevitably have problems are the systems that make your boat move and the systems that keep your boat operating correctly. Obviously this means your yacht’s engine, propellers, and pumps. Like a car, engines need proper check-ups or they can really become damaged. Propellers can age, break, or get stuck due to any number of reasons. Pumps, probably the most boring topic of them all, go unnoticed until they break.

All of these intimidating issues aside, maintenance and repair should not deter a prospective yacht owner. People own cars and they break too, right? You’ve decided to own a yacht, or you already own one, so how can you prevent most of these problems? You basically have two options.

First, you could study a lot and become a do-it-yourselfer. If you like getting your hands dirty, then by all means, buy as many manuals and books as you can on yacht maintenance and get to work!

Another option, especially if you live in or near a popular yachting destination like Fort Lauderdale, is to locate a great yacht management company. Yacht management companies have experienced yacht mechanics in Fort Lauderdale and offer expert yacht engineering services. For a fraction of the cost of something breaking, you can have them do routine maintenance. As an added bonus, something your car mechanic probably won’t do, before hitting the waters, you can have them fuel and detail your yacht, and even provide concierge and captain services. Sounds a little better than trying to replace the rotary and bilge pumps yourself, right?

Own your yacht, don’t let it own you! The first step is finding a great yacht management company.