Perfecting Stabilization at Sea

Perfecting Stabilization at Sea

There’s a lot to love about boating: the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the smell of the saltwater and the gorgeous sights. The one thing that keeps a lot of people from enjoying the water, however, is the lurching and rolling motion that causes seasickness.

The Seakeeper is the answer. This boat stabilizer helps resist the rolling motion of the waves, allowing your boat to sail smoothly across choppy waters. If you own a yacht and haven’t installed a Seakeeper, find out why boat owners swear by its stabilizing effects.

How does a Seakeeper work in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Seakeepers are gyroscopes for your boats. If you’re not familiar with a gyroscope, it provides a spinning force that counteracts any other force that tries to change its orientation or direction—in this case, waves.

The Seakeeper is also outfitted with accelerometers that are designed to monitor the speed, which adds additional stability to the boat’s orientation. They’re about the size of a microwave, but their effects are powerful.

While it can take up to 45 minutes to get the flywheel up to the appropriate speed, it will then run for days, ensuring that it doesn’t drain the boat’s batteries.

You might wonder what kind of boats can use Seakeepers—they are designed for monohull boats between 25 to 85 feet long. Because they are on the smaller side, you don’t need a lot of extra room for them. They can be put under the floor or in a locker, whether or not that’s on the centerline.

Benefits of a Seakeeper

Seakeepers offer a number of useful benefits to vessels. Here are just a few examples:

  • Stabilization: Seakeepers can eliminate up to 95 percent of boat roll, allowing you to relax and enjoy your yacht like never before.
  • Compact and lightweight: The small size makes it possible for you to fit the Seakeeper in an extra space, whatever size boat you own. Being lightweight ensures that it won’t compromise the speed or fuel efficiency that you’ve come to expect from your craft.
  • Built-in cooling technology: The Seakeeper was built with cooling technology, enabling the flywheel to operate without overheating. The cooling system uses seawater and glycol to remove the heat from the vacuum enclosure.
  • Vacuum sealed: Vacuum sealing the Seakeeper protects it from saltwater and other elements that can cause damage to mechanical parts like bearings and motors.

If you haven’t ridden on a vessel with a Seakeeper, you’re missing out. Get ready for smooth sailing when you install one today!

Ensure stabilization at sea in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Starboard Yacht Group LLC is proud to offer Seakeepers in Fort Lauderdale, including installation, maintenance and repair services. Our team of boat maintenance and repair technicians is dedicated to keeping your yacht in the best shape it’s ever been, including ensuring its stabilization with a Seakeeper. We can also provide a full array of other boat repairs and maintenance, taking the burden of ownership off your shoulders. When you’re ready to get a Seakeeper for your vessel, call us.