Pro Tips for Proper Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pro Tips for Proper Yacht Maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Maintenance is key to protecting and getting the most out of any investment, including a yacht. Proper maintenance will not only help ensure that your yacht will perform and look its best, but it will also help you to get a longer lifespan out of your yacht.

At Starboard Yacht Group LLC, we try to do more than offer our clients the very best in yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We believe in also educating our clients so they can protect their investment. With this in mind, here are a few pro care tips from our experts that will help you maintain your yacht.

Daily checks

If you use your boat frequently, it can be easy to assume that everything is okay and let maintenance checks slide a bit. But frequent use means you should be doing maintenance checks that much more often. Below is a list of items to check before every departure:

  • Check boat hook, anchor, shackles and halyards
  • Check engine fluids and engine bilge for contamination
  • Check fuel levels
  • Check fresh water level, water filter and pump operations
  • Check radio and navigation lights
  • Check battery levels and voltages
  • Check seacocks
  • Check exhaust water and gear operation

Regular maintenance

Besides daily checks, there are regular maintenance steps you should take to maintain your boat and ensure that it is safe for use:

  • Clean and check batteries: Batteries tend to degrade over time, especially in humid climates and damp conditions. You should check your battery at least once per season. Test batteries with a voltage meter and replace any batteries that are running low.
  • Clean your boat: It’s important to clean your yacht regularly, not only to wash away dirt and bacteria, but to also protect the surface of your yacht from erosion from the salt water and damage from the sun and pollutants. Be sure to use quality cleaning products designed for salt water crafts and rinse your yacht with fresh water.
  • Check electrical lines: Electrical lines, like batteries, can erode over time. To avoid fires and other electrical problems, be sure to check all electrical lines regularly for signs of wear and damage.
  • Test your bilge pump: A bilge pump can mean the difference between life and death, but like any other piece of equipment that is not used often, it tends to be forgotten. Be sure that you test your bilge pump regularly to make sure that it is operating properly so it’s ready to go in case of an emergency.
  • Have a professional maintenance check: It’s important that you have your yacht checked at least twice a year, typically once at the beginning and then again at the end of the boating season. A professional can spot potential issues that you may have missed and resolve any problems before they become too serious.

For more tips like these and for professional yacht maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL, visit us at Starboard Yacht Group LLC. We’re always happy to help our clients with all their yacht maintenance and servicing needs!