Protecting Your Boat’s Bottom and Topside with Comprehensive Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

Protecting Your Boat’s Bottom and Topside with Comprehensive Yacht Services in Fort Lauderdale

Spring means more than just the start of yachting season in South Florida—it means the resurgence of great weather, warmer temperatures and a need to ensure the integrity of your boat for the coming summer days ahead. First and foremost, this starts with protecting your yacht’s bottom and topside with the proper antifouling and clear coating. And, even more important than applying these crucial exterior coatings themselves, is picking a brand that will support the protection of your yacht for the full season ahead.

Bottom layer protection

What exactly is an antifouling coating and why is it important? This special layer of your boat’s exterior acts as a protective barrier against barnacles and other adaptive organisms that like to make a home for themselves on your boat’s underside. By preventing biofouling—the mass buildup of organisms on a wet surface—this clear coat on the underside of your boat will allow you to dock your boat without fear of picking up hitchhikers that are sure to do more harm than good.

Which brand is the best brand to coat your vessel with the next time you stop in for yacht services in Fort Lauderdale? If you’re swinging by Starboard Yacht Group LLC, the answer to that question is Sea Hawk. Starboard Yacht Group LLC is a Sea Hawk certified coatings applicator and has had a tremendous history of success with Sea Hawk products. If you’re looking to ensure that the underside of your yacht remains clean and clear, safe from biofouling, make Sea Hawk your choice in protection.

Protection above deck

With the issuance of spring, comes the promise of warmer and longer days. And while boaters live for this kind of weather, it’s actually taking a toll on your yacht. You see, as the days become longer and sun becomes more intense, your boat is taking the brunt of this great weather more frequently, for longer periods of time. What does this mean?

Well, for starters, it means that your gel coat and paint are at risk of peeling and fading if you haven’t had them serviced recently. When you check in for yacht services in Fort Lauderdale this spring, be sure to inquire about the condition of your yacht’s clear coat, to make sure that it’s in a state that’s ready for the days on the water ahead.

If, however, your yacht hasn’t had any attention to its clear coat, it won’t be long before you start to see the effects of the warm Florida weather. Clear coats that are in need of work often appear oxidized and chalky-looking. Worse, they can start to peel and flake off, leaving your yacht looking like something that’s just been dredged up from the water, not gliding along on top of it!

To give your yacht the edge it needs against the bright, intense summer sun, make sure you’re getting the clear coat refinished and, if necessary, your paint touched up. Wrap up the service with UV protected paint and you’ll have a yacht that’s ready to turn heads when you’re out on the water!